Felix Schneiders

Team Pro

Felix Schneiders

“PokerStars had the smoothest software, all the big name pros I knew from TV were featured in the lobby and playing there as well as all of my friends!”

  • Germany

  • 2006

  • Tournament Poker

  • Testing vegan food spots, Strolling through art galleries, Nerding out on Star Wars

ABOUT Felix Schneiders

A Maths degree gave him the mental agility needed to make it as a successful poker player, as did his experience competing as a semi-pro on the Magic: The Gathering circuit. Felix noticed several Magic players moving over to poker in 2005 and making big money from Texas Hold’em. So, he decided to give it a shot himself. After learning the ropes by studying every training video and forum post he could find, Felix headed to PokerStars, and has been playing ever since.

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