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Full details of changes, software updates, and improvements made in the latest PokerStars release notes, as of Tuesday, 28 March 2023…

Home games

Club Wall added to Home Games on Desktop and Web. Club Wall is a feed where players can post comments and leave replies for fellow club members

The new Home Games Club Wall. Post comments and leave messages to your fellow club members.


  • When switching from show stacks in big blinds to chips display at the table, or vice versa, the tournament information widget will automatically update to reflect this selection
  • Updated background colour to black for all announcements at the poker table

Desktop & Mobile

  • Removed the pop-up that appears upon knockout of another player in KO tournaments


  • Graphical improvements to table buttons, bet slider, and timebank to provide a consistent feel across our platforms
  • Added three states for table buttons to clearly distinguish between a button that is disabled, available or pressed
  • Reduced table felt pixilation for a smoother felt

Responsible Gaming and Regulatory Improvements

  • Updated regulatory information within the footer of the client – FR, EU & COM only

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • Multiple fixes to tournament rematch pop-ups
  • Notes added via the hand replayer didn’t populate at the poker table
  • A fix to a hotkey which activated check instead of check/fold

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