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MicroMillions is the most extensive, most prestigious online series for new and aspiring poker players hoping to build their bankrolls and capture a title. Plus, winners get a MicroMillions badge that you can display proudly when playing on PokerStars!

It’s a series designed for those who have big poker dreams, but don’t necessarily have big poker bankrolls. But with buy-ins as low as $1.10 plus tons of added-value satellites for every event, you don’t need one to enjoy MicroMillions.

So whether you’re brand new to poker or you want to get back in the game after some time away, there’s no better series to play than this one.

MicroMillions 2024 – July 7-21

It might be small stakes, but it’s low risk and has big prizes. There’s $4 million guaranteed in prize pools across 208 events, and the largest buy-in tops off at $55 (that’s a High Roller event).

The first two Sundays will see a $22 High Roller with $100K guaranteed. On the final Sunday, it turns into a $55 High Roller event with $250K already in the prize pool. And finally, the $22 Main Event — also on Sunday, July 21 — has $500K guaranteed and is a Progressive KO event.

This is also our first MicroMillions series to feature Mystery Bounty Events. In fact, there’s one every single day of the series! If you’re not sure what a Mystery Bounty event is (or why they’re so much fun to play!) check out this guide.

For those bigger buy-in events, you can always use qualifiers to get in for cheap – scroll down and find out how you can qualify.


Dates: July 7 – 21, 2024
Events: 208
Prizes: $4M guaranteed
Buy-ins: $1.10 – $55

MicroMillions Main Event
Sunday, July 21
$22 NLHE [Progressive KO, Main Event], $500K Gtd

MicroMillions High Roller
Sunday, July 21
$55 NLHE High Roller, $250K Gtd

Daily Mystery Bounty events!


Event #10: $11 NLHE 8-Max PKO Sunday Special
Entries: 13,873
Prize Pool: $135,955
Winner: “gruzasim” (Lithuania) – $6,285 + $3,912

Event #11: $11 Sunday Storm PKO
Entries: 10,061
Prize Pool: $100,000
Winner: “Bgusso” (Brazil) – $5,847 + $3,350

Event #12: $22 NLHE 8-Max High Roller
Entries: 6,551
Prize Pool: $131,020
Winner: “willianortiz” (Brazil) – $13,422

Event #13: $5.50 NLHE 8-Max PKO
Entries: 8,613
Prize Pool: $42,204
Winner: “TAMAAR17” (Canada) – $2,491 + $1,387

Event #24: $11 NLHE 8-Max PKO Monday Special
Entries: 8,463
Prize Pool: $82,937
Winner: “Ralffman” (Brazil) – $4,889 + $2,376

Event #38: $11 NLHE PKO Tuesday Special
Entries: 8,128
Prize Pool: $79,654
Winner: “ThauaMOX” (Brazil) – $4,696 + $2,136

Event #39: $5.50 NLHE PKO
Entries: 6,061
Prize Pool: $30,000
Winner: “Heronvill” (Brazil) – $1,786 + $1,406

Event #49: $11 NLHE PKO Wednesday Special
Entries: 7,749
Prize Pool: $75,940
Winner: “I.Falkovsky” (Belarus) – $4,498 + $2,746

Event #63: $11 NLHE PKO Thursday Special
Entries: 8,330
Prize Pool: $81,634
Winner: “junoing” (Canada) – $4,815 + $3,147

Event #89: $11 NLHE PKO Saturday Special
Entries: 10,413
Prize Pool: $102,047
Winner: “slavunter” (Belarus) – $5,705 + $2,543

Event #105: $11 NLHE PKO Sunday Special
Entries: 11,043
Prize Pool: $108,221
Winner: “Znahar82” (Kazakhstan) – $5,956 + $4,487

Event #107: $22 NLHE High Roller
Entries: 6,948
Prize Pool: $138,960
Winner: “Crunkphil” (Germany) – $19,744

Event #119: $11 NLHE PKO Monday Special
Entries: 8,586
Prize Pool: $84,143
Winner: “Equalizerrr” (Lithuania) – $4,963 + $2,487


PokerStars will be offering added-value satellites in the lead-up to the series, and daily satellites will run throughout the festival.



How to prepare for a big tournament

How do you like to prepare for a big tournament?

Do you focus on strategy and game planning? Or do you relax, get some rest, and prepare internally? 

Whatever your focus points, the fact is that everyone has their own ways of getting in the zone. 

However, there are some common pieces of advice for preparing for a massive tournament that will apply to you no matter what your preparation looks like.

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Tournament strategy guides

player with chips

Huge tournaments like the Sunday Storm Anniversary with great structures and big fields allow for plenty of play. But this also means you’ll need to navigate your way through every stage of the tournament, from the early stages through to the mid-game; the bubble through to the final table.

PokerStars Learn has put together these guides to help you every step of the way.

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Progressive Knockout tournament tips

Knockout poker tournaments are an increasingly popular format of the game. 

They are also a lot of fun, adding bounties to each player to give extra incentive to knocking people out of the tournament. 

Here we will look at some tips to maximise your chances of getting those lucrative bounties.

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The mathematics of bounties

One quick glance at a Bounty Builder / Progressive Knock-Out (PKO) lobby never gives you the whole story. 

The payouts may seem smaller than you’d expect considering the tournament’s guarantee, particularly the min-cash (which is often less than the buy-in itself). 

But that’s because, unlike regular tournament structures, you don’t have to wait until the bubble bursts to make money. Half of your buy-in goes to a regular prize pool, while the other half goes into the bounty prize pool. 

In a Bounty Builder/PKO tournament, the second you knock a player out, half of their bounty is added directly to your PokerStars account in cash, while the other half is added to your own bounty. 

This drastically changes the way you have to have to play. We have to aggressively try and knock out as many people as possible, and that means we have to crunch the equity numbers.

In this article, you’ll learn how much a bounty is really worth in chips, how much equity you need to call to win a bounty, and more.

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mystery bounty

Mystery Bounty tournaments combine the thrill and skill of poker tournaments with the excitement and anticipation of a raffle or lottery — and there’s at least one Mystery Bounty tournament every day during MicroMillions 2024.

Huge prizes can be won and you don’t even need to be near the end of the tournament to win them.

But if you’ve never played one before, you might be unclear on the rules. Don’t sweat, we’ve got you covered.

Find out how Mystery Bounty tournaments work in this guide.

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