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Nobody’s perfect, but PokerStars is working to get there. 

Once again, PokerStars has been listening to what its players want, and is now set to release a long list of features on its software.

We’ve had a sneak peek at what’s coming and can offer this preview. Please note, the features will only appear after the software has been updated, which should happen by the end of the week.

– PokerStars is introducing an
integrated platform that easily allows you to manage your state during a
session. When you are playing you will notice a small additional icon on each
of your tables that gives you easy access to the Session Options. From there
you can Sit out on all tables, Sit out next Big Blind on all tables, Resume play on all tables that you are
sitting out on, and end your session gracefully – Sit out next Big Blind on all tables and close them. For immediate
feedback about the state of your session, the table icon will change from a green
play sign when you are sitting in on all tables, to a yellow play/pause icon
when you are sitting in on some and sitting out on other tables, to a red pause
icon when you are sitting out on all tables.

allows you to instantly buy in after left-clicking Seat Open without any intermediate
steps. Simply set up your buy in preferences once, and the next time you sit at
a table you will automatically buy in. Auto
in can be set up through “Options” > “Auto-Buy-In (Ring Games)…” or
by clicking on the link in the traditional buy-in dialog. Want to buy in as an
exception for a different amount? Simply right-click on ‘Seat Open’ and the
traditional buy-in dialog will show up.

– When you select a table that has empty seats
in the ring game lobby, you will notice a Seat
button below the traditional Go to
. Clicking Seat Me
automatically opens the table for you and sits you in one of the empty seats on
the table. If you have Auto Buy-in
enabled, you will be automatically bought in for the desired amount; if not – the
usual buy-in dialog will appear. In this way taking a seat can be a single-click process from the main

out next big blind
– PokerStars has changed the existing Sit out next blind check box on fast
tables to Sit out next big blind, and
have added the new check box to regular-speed tables as well.

Stack tables layout – PokerStars has added the ability to Stack
all your tables in addition to the already existing Cascade and Tile. This
feature can be accessed either from “View” in the main lobby, or through the Table Layout menu on the table. Shortcut
key is Ctrl+8.

Stack column
– This is a new column in the lobby
which shows the average stack of the sitting in players on the table.

No Chat in table tooltip – When you have lost your chat you now have the ability to display No Chat in your table tooltip by
activating “Options” > “Show No Chat in tooltip”. This option is only
available if you have lost your chat privileges – if you are able to chat at
the tables this option would not show.

– PokerStars has changed the way notes are
saved so that you do not lose your notes when the client is closed in a non-conventional

from all waiting lists button
– The waiting list
dialog (“Requests” > “Waiting on Tables…”) now has a “Remove me from All
Waiting Lists” button.

to last hand when dealing stops
– You will now be
able to access the last hand when dealing stops. The Previous link will remain active on the table instead of
disappearing. Do note that usually the last hand is the cancelled hand, and the
red Replay button will not open a hand that has been cancelled. To look at the
last complete hand, click on the Previous
[Hand ID Number]
link and use the Instant Hand History.

Display Bet Amounts defaults to on – This option is now
enabled by default on new installs and activated for players who have not
explicitly disabled it.

action Check moved
– To avoid mis-clicks when selecting the Check advanced action we have re-positioned Check slightly higher so that it does not overlap with the Call (Amount) check box which appears
when someone bets before you.

Tournament Tickets dialog
– The window accessed through “Requests” > “Tournament Tickets”
has been improved. Among other things, it will now list all tournaments that
accept a specific ticket typed.

Once again, those updates will only be in
effect after the client programs are updated, which should happen by the end of
the week.


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