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Desktop – Table

Rabbit Hunt (Beta) – During this patch, we will progressively enable the new Rabbit Hunt feature on Play Money tables. In poker, ‘Rabbit Hunt’ is when a dealer can deal out the rest of the community board in an incomplete hand once players have folded and the action has finished, to see what cards would have been dealt on future streets. When our initial testing is concluded we will consider launching it for all games or improving it further.

Player Pod Improvements: We have changed the interface for Player Pod options. You can now once more access labels with just one click. Further Player Pod improvements are expected to come later this year.

Mystery Bounty – Continuous Improvements – We have added the PlayerID to show who won the biggest Mystery Bounty in the prize overview. We have improved the wording for “Gameplay Animation” to “Bounty Animation”.

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • Mobile: Wrong Tourney Display Info.
  • Desktop: Fold to Any Bet not working.
  • Desktop: Carbon Lite + Carbon Themes, removal of Card Dealing animation.
  • Desktop: Mac, rendered Lobby columns.
  • Desktop: Hyperlinks to target tourneys in Satellites not working.
  • Desktop: Missing ‘1X RE-ENTRY’ chip in tournament side car.
  • Desktop: ‘Registered-in tournaments’ graphics override rightmost column.
  • Desktop: Hand equities do not show when Card Sorting is enabled.
  • Desktop: Animation of dealt cards displayed in Replayer.

Starting from this build, we have removed Windows Vista from the list of Supported Operating Systems. Players will still be able to connect and play but we will not be able to assist in case of any player facing issue or bug.

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.

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