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Dare2Stream community winner Niclas Thumm is in the money in the PSPC, repping not only Platinum Pass winners, but the entire Twitch community

Platinum Pass winner Niclas Thumm had mixed feelings on the bubble of the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC).

“On the one hand, it’s life-changing money, even min-cashing,” the 29-year-old German Twitch streamer tells us. “On the other hand, I’m enjoying every second of the tournament, playing my hands, and spectating the hands I’m not in.”

He’s not lying. When everyone else at his table had departed the tournament area to go on a break, Thumm remained seated, studying the two opponents finishing up one last pot. Felix “xflixx” Schneiders wasn’t surprised. “He’s done nothing but study for the past month,” the PokerStars Team Pro told us on the rail.

We’re pleased to report that his studying has paid off. Thumm is now in the money, guaranteed at least $35K.


Thumm–who works in accounting but is known on Twitch and PokerStars as “Flushiisback”–won his Platinum Pass when the Twitch poker community voted for him as community winner in the Dare2Stream competition. 

“I entered the competition because I wanted to connect with people,” he says. “I never expected this to happen. It’s all about showing up every day and doing what you love. Just keep on fighting.”

When he streams his play on PokerStars, Thumm says his average buy-in online is around $12 with the occasional $55 or $109 shot-take during the big online series. 

He doesn’t play a lot of live poker, but he did make the trip to the Road to PSPC in Liechtenstein and UKIPT London last year to get some brick-and-mortar experience…and to pick up his Platinum Pass.

“I’ve grown so much off the tables by playing on the tables,” he tells us. “Just cashing this event would be the biggest pat on the shoulder I ever got, I think.”

There’s an incredible amount of support for Thumm today, not only within the Baha Mar Resort walls but also at home, where the Twitch community who got him here are cheering him on.

“It feels really great to have such support,” he says. “I like to connect with people and give a lot of support to others, and now it’s all coming back to me. It’s like a spiritual thing. I’m really happy.

“My boyfriend is here with me, supporting me all the way,” Thumm continues. “He brought me breakfast in bed this morning so I could continue with my ICM studies. It’s great to have everyone rooting for me at home and here, it’s amazing.”


According to Thumm–and remember, he said this BEFORE earning at least $35K–the PSPC is the highest echelon of poker tournament experience.

“It’s overwhelming,” he said. “It’s been an out-of-this-world experience. I don’t think it can get any better.”

Oh, but it can. He’s still in. 

Niclas "flushiisback" Thumm

Niclas “flushiisback” Thumm

Throughout his year of PSPC preparation, Thumm focused his study on deep-stack poker, allowing him to build his stack during the early stages. But now he’s in the money and knows it’s time to switch gears once again. 

“I’m optimistic,” he says with a smile. “Anything can happen.”


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