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Full details of changes and improvements made in the latest PokerStars software update, as of Tuesday, November 15, 2022.


  • Redesigned tournament results displayed at the end of tournaments
  • Redesign of the Spin & Go lobby for UK players only. Global rollout to follow in 2023
  • In both the Chat and Notes edit fields players will be able to hit Ctrl + Z to undo typing, while a second Ctrl + Z will redo the typing
  • Game type now displayed for Mixed Games in the collapsed state of the Tournament Information Widget
  • Several additional improvements to the tournament information widget
  • Increased the size of emoji images displayed in the chat bubbles

Removed various settings that were being used by a very small number of players, and by default will always be on:

Cash Games

  • Auto-seat me after accepting reserved seat

Table Display

  • Show time left to act
  • Display bet amounts
  • Show observer count
  • Show changes of winning when all-in

Player Notes

  • Large note icon
  • Colour borders

Removed various settings that were being used by a very small number of players, and by default will be always off:

Cash Games

  • Sit out next big blind: close table on big blind
  • Ask to post blinds when a new game starts
  • Ask to wait for big blind for play money games

Tournaments & SNGs

  • Always decline rematch requests
  • No automated unregistering for SNG tournaments


  • Additional Throwables added to Video Chat tables


  • Detailed tournament information displayed at the table by clicking the new ‘i’ icon
  • Players can define custom betting buttons for both pre- and post-flop
  • “Fold to any bet” option moved directly above the “fold” button
  • Removal of unnecessary tournament text from the table felt


  • WCOOP & SCOOP Play Money prestige badges added
  • Antes for PLO games (Cash, Spin & Go, and Tournaments) will now not count towards the pre-flop pot calculation. For example, before if there were three players dealt in with small blind of 5, big blind 10 and ante of 3 then the button can raise to 44. After the change, with the same blinds and antes, the maximum raise from the button will be 35.
  • Updated and improved ‘AA’ badge design for players who have played 10M hands
  • Animation removed when opening the hand replayer to load the replayer faster
  • Fish, Pie, and Rose Throwables have been removed


  • Removed AVC screens as players will no longer need to enter a code received in the mail to verify their account – France only
  • Updated values for various responsible gaming limits – France only
  • Regulatory information added to the footer of the desktop client – Belgium & Spain only
  • A real-time clock has been added to the poker table – EU & COM only


  • Various fixes to the Hand Replayer, both mobile and desktop
  • Time Bank fixes
  • Performance improvements for MTTs
  • Crash and lag improvements
  • Zoom related bug fixes for mobile and desktop

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