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While many poker players slash content creators travel the world to film their experiences, PokerStars Team Pro Fintan Hand — a.k.a. ‘EasyWithAces’ — had other ideas.

He decided to bring the poker experience to his own home.

“So what?” we hear you cry. “I have a home game with friends every week!”

Well, this is where Hand’s personal poker set-up stands out. 

The three-time Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) champion has a specially-designed, RFID (radio frequency identification) table, allowing him to host games which viewers at home can watch with cards-up coverage, just like on the European Poker Tour streams.

“Finding someone to make a custom poker table that shipped to Ireland and did RFID was real tough,” Hand tells us. “I love the whole room.”

fintan hand's poker table

Fintan’s custom-built poker table


The idea for the series was simple. 

Interview poker players and other interesting people in the comfort of Fintan Hand’s Dublin home, while simultaneously playing them in a best-of-five-games heads-up battle. 

With a professional dealer dishing out the action, it’s a great way of making guests feel relaxed, yet also placing them out of the comfort zone of a regular interview.

Think Hot Ones, but instead of escalating spiciness, there are escalating blind levels and the pressure of poker performance with hole cards up.

Hand had done interviews on his Twitch streams before, but always over video calls. “I always enjoyed it, but I felt it would go up a level if I did it in person,” he says.

“It’s also never been done this way before so wanted to try something new!”

Guests so far have included Hand’s former streaming partner Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg, as well as PokerStars Team Pro Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot and the actor/football pundit/poker convert Rory Jennings.

“Rory told a spectacular story about comedian Jack Whitehall in his episode,” Hand says. “It’s one of my highlights so far.”


Fintan Hand is now putting together the finishing touches on a string of new episodes of his heads-up interview series, beginning with special guest Adam McKola.

McKola is a YouTuber known for his Manchester United-themed channel, where he posts videos commentating on recent results and developments in the club.

That episode will be released soon, with short clips going up on YouTube and the full episode on Twitter (now called ‘X’).

To keep up to date with the latest, make sure you subscribe to EasyWithAces on YouTube for highlights, as well as highlights from Fintan’s Twitch streams and poker history stories, and follow Fintan on Twitter (X) to be the first to know when the full episode drops.


Fintan gets bluffed by Spraggy:

Check out the full episode with Benjamin “Spraggy” Spragg.

Talbot pulls off a slowroll:

Watch the full episode with Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot here.

All in with pocket aces:

The full episode with Rory Jennings is available here.

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