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Arlie Shaban strapped on the headset and entered the PokerStars VR world to complete his eleventh labour. His task? Find the Golden Apples.

“You’ll remember Arlie — now that you’re a scholar of the original Labors that Hercules faced — that in this challenge, Hercules had to bring Eurystheus the golden apples from the garden guarded by Hersperides.”

Those were the words of the Poker Gods, who earlier this week set Shaban his eleventh challenge on his quest towards a Platinum Pass. If he could get it done, he’d be just one labour away from the $30K package to the Bahamas.

But what are the Golden Apples? And how could Shaban find them?

The Poker Gods had some advice:

“Think about the original challenge, Arlie. This won’t be about fooling anyone. At least not beyond the usual techniques available to a poker player. But you will need to look out for the God who possesses what you’re looking for, and be waiting for them when they get there.”

Arlie figured out he’d need to enter the VR world for this task. But with no clue how to find the Golden Apples, it wasn’t going to be easy.

But sometimes the Gods point you in the right direction.

There was no divine intervention here.

Just a new player at the table, with the username: Poker_God. He had a silver Platinum Pass sat next to his chips.

Part of the PokerStars VR experience allows players to interact, give hand gestures, and even have a snack at the table.

Shaban tucked into an apple.

Poker_God replied: “I can do that too.”

With his first sighting of a Golden Apple, Shaban pleaded with Poker_God for one. But the task wasn’t going to be that easy to complete.

Instead of just handing one over, Poker_God mocked Shaban by throwing one in the water.

“You’re just teasing me, eh?”

“Beat me in a hand for it.”

Eventually, that’s exactly what Shaban did.

Of all the hands, it was the 2♣3♣ that got the job done.

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Congratulations Arlie.

Just one more labour to go.

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