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Tonka Shares His Live Tournament Tips for PSPC

January 10, 2023
by PokerStars Learn

What three tips would you suggest to a player who’s never played a large buy-in event before?


  1. Get as comfortable as you can. If that means practicing playing live, or getting some coaching before the tournament, go for a walk, get some sun, whatever it is that relaxes you being comfortable is important.
  2. Being able to hold yourself in a live setting. Knowing the blinds, when the actions on you… The simple stuff.
  3. And just have a good time! People need to not stress, realize almost all tournament poker is going to end in a loss most of the time and to just enjoy the ride!

 Is there anything players should do to avoid giving away ‘tells’ at the table?

Tonka: I’d just try to be made of stone in the hand if you’re worried about giving off tells. Don’t give anything away, don’t chat, just stare at a card on the board and be a super serious statue. Not the most fun or playful advice, but if someone is honestly worried about giving info away then this is what I would suggest.


 Do you make any changes or preplanning when playing at a major event like the PSPC?

Tonka: I don’t, personally. I try to do some daily yoga but, outside of that, I’m not really on the healthy mind healthy body train that the new kids bang on about so much.


How do you stay focused and fresh when playing long days at live events?

Tonka: The poker always drives me. I love to play live poker, so just the poker is enough!

How do you deal with a bad run of hands in a big live tournament?

Tonka: Keep getting dealt in. Eventually it will change.


How would you suggest playing if you build up a big stack in a high buy-in tournament like the PSPC?

Tonka: Probably pretty similar to the way you were to before you got the big stack.


What do you do during your breaks?

Tonka: Go for a walk, snag a drink, use the bathroom… The true-and-tried classics.


How would you celebrate after winning a live event?

Tonka: With a winners’ photo! All I want in life is to win a live tournament and get a winners’ photo. PSPC is the time…

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