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Team PokerStars Pro Sebastian Huber’s Tips for SCOOP

May 3, 2024
by PokerStars Learn

Sebastian Huber, known as ‘peace&loove’ online, is a Team PokerStars Pro with years of experience under his belt. In 2022, Sebastian placed among the top 10 of the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) ‘Low’ leader board as well as winning his first WCOOP title. In 2024, Huber will be looking to take on SCOOP with similar results to be hoped for.

In this interview, Sebastian shares his strategies for other players taking on the SCOOP tournament schedule, including advice for beginners and insights into his daily routine during the series.

At PokerStars Learn, we will have many new players who are playing SCOOP for the first time. Do you remember the first time you played SCOOP?

Sebastian Huber: Yes, of course. Back in the day, I couldn’t wait for it to start, but I wasn’t prepared at all. Therefore I couldn’t put out my best performance and I wasn’t winning either. In the end, it was a good lesson what’s really important during a long series. Prepare your whole environment besides grinding, then you can fully concentrate on a big tournament series.


What’s the most unforgettable SCOOP moment/result you’ve experienced in your poker career?

SH: Since I started streaming, every deep run in a SCOOP tournament got even more special because I could share these moments with my viewers. I haven’t got any specific moment from SCOOP, but luckily I could win a WCOOP. That was the best moment during a COOP.


The SCOOP 2024 schedule consists of 128 events. How are you planning for the entire series, and which events are you most looking forward to playing?

SH: Before the series starts, I want to make sure I know my goals. Since I am attacking the low/mid leaderboard again, my focus will be heavily on those tournaments. Besides that, the Main Events will be very special again and hopefully I can satellite into the 10K this year.

What tournament types would you recommend to beginner players, and why?

SH: The most interesting thing about those tournament series is that PokerStars offers a wide variety of games. As a beginner, you should be careful not to try out too many games without knowing the exact rules. On the other hand, if you prepare yourself, for example, for the “mixed games” before the SCOOP starts, you will have a lot of fun and you can make a decent profit in those games. My advice is definitely: Mostly stick to what you know!


What are some key stages of the tournaments that beginners should pay the most attention to?

SH: The bubble is of course a key stage of the tournament. You can gain and lose a lot there. It is the same on a final table bubble or on the final table itself. In those stages of the tournament, try to figure out how people play. Some are passive, others really aggressive.


In these huge fields, how should you balance the need to build up your stack and accumulating chips against the risk of busting out?

SH: In general, in small Buy-In- and Huge-Field-tournaments, I am playing quite aggressive pre- and post-flop. If the table is super soft, you can skip some marginal pre-flop All-Ins as well. With all those adjustments, I am still careful not to play super fancy.

What would you suggest for beginners who would like to play as many tournaments as possible but have a limited bankroll?

SH: Focus on your bankroll management. There are enough tournaments for every bankroll and don`t feel rushed to play anything bigger. On the other side, there is nothing wrong with taking a shot on a bigger tournament or playing satties. Just try not to overdue it, once in a while is fine


Tell us a little bit about your daily routine during SCOOP.

SH: My daily routine will be quite simple and easy to repeat during that series. After I wake up, I will get a healthy breakfast, then I will do some sports or at least go outside to get fresh air and to clear my mind. Before I start the grind, I will make sure that I have enough good food for the session ready. The time I finish my session, I try to get away from the PC as soon as possible and try to not use my phone – if possible again get some fresh air. And I also try to get a proper sleep with at least 7-8h. I know sometimes that is not possible :D. Besides all that, if I am not feeling well on one specific day, I don`t mind skipping a day to make sure I can grind the rest of the series.


How do you stay motivated throughout a long tournament series like SCOOP? What activities are you doing on your days off?

SH: My motivation comes with goals. Before I start playing SCOOP, I need to know what my goals are. This year I try to perform as good as possible in the leaderboards again. This will keep my motivation high throughout the whole series.

There will be $10.5M in guaranteed prizes across the low, medium, and high versions of the NLHE Main Events. Many players dream about winning or even playing these huge events. What do you recommend to beginners who want to play the Main Events, but their bankroll doesn’t allow it?

SH: In general besides the normal SCOOP schedule we offer a lot of satellites for all tournaments and especially for the main events. Pick the satties with the best structures and the biggest seat guarantees. These are most likely the softest ones as well. The most important thing with satellites is: Don`t overdo it. Make sure the amount of satties you are playing is a small amount of the normal tournaments.


What would you say are the three most important tips you have for new players taking on the SCOOP schedule this year?

SH: Figure out what games are the best for you and focus on them. Don’t be frustrated in the first week, you have plenty of time to turn it around. Don’t give up, it is never too late to get a big score. Bankroll-management is key! Have fun and enjoy your deep-runs.


Finally, how can PokerStars Learn readers keep up with your progress throughout the series?

SH: I will be streaming almost daily on my Twitch-channel and post all the huge runs on my Youtube-channel. If you want to check out my schedule for the upcoming streaming weeks, check out my twitter or discord. You will find everything there!

Best of Luck in SCOOP!

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