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How many people in a Game of Poker – Full Ring, 6-Max, and Heads-Up

May 14, 2024
by PokerStars Learn

How many people do you need to play a game of poker? Well, that depends on what kind of game you’re looking for! And of course, you’ll need a different strategy depending on how many opponents you’re facing.

Today we will learn about how many people you need to play the card game called poker. We will also learn how you should play a little differently depending on how many people are at the table with you.

First, you need between 2 and 10 people to start a poker game. Online, the most people you can have at one table is 9. But in some home games or live events, you might see up to 10 people playing together. That’s a lot!

The three most common ways to play poker are:

  • Full Ring – This has between 8 and 9 players.
  • 6-Max – This has a maximum of 6 players, like the name says.
  • Heads-Up – This is just 2 players against each other.
  • There is also a game called Spin & Go that has 3 players.

It’s important to know how to change your game a little based on how many opponents (other players) you have. Let me tell you about each type:

Full Ring Poker

  • You play between 60-100 hands per hour online
  • With many opponents, you want to play really strong cards only
  • Full Ring is good for new players since it’s less intense

6-Max Poker

  • You play between 80-150 hands per hour online
  • With only 5 opponents, you can play some weaker cards too
  • You have to pay the blinds (chips) more often


  • You play between 100-200 hands per hour online
  • Always just you and one other player
  • You have to play very aggressively with many card hands

The main strategies are:

  • More players = play fewer weaker card hands.
  • Fewer players = can play more card hands, even weaker ones.

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