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What a fun evening of poker. I’ve covered heads-up events before, but covering one that moved this fast and online made for quite a challenge. Nonetheless, I’ll fashion some sort of final table report for Wednesday. Until then, here are the elite eight who made it to the final two rounds.

WCOOP Event #3 Final Eight

1. lmoneybling (Van Nuys, CA) $35,720.00
2. snake8484 (Kelowna, BC, Canada) $25,720.00
3. thegrumpyone (Springfield, MA) $12,288.00
4 melonhead (Clinton Twp, MI) $12,288.00
5. KidDoc (Fayetteville, NC) United States $6,348.80
6. HooBangin (Fort McMurray, AB, Canada) $6,348.80
7. Thrasymachus (Toronto, ON, Canada) $6,348.80
8. cf tourney (Philadelphia, PA) $6,348.80

Click here for a full list of cash winners.

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