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The leader board includes the Irish Poker Open (IPO)

We might still be awaiting news of the United Kingdom and Ireland Poker Tour (UKIPT) 2023 schedule, we can give you some exciting news about the leader board content taking place during the season.

The big news is the inclusion of the Irish Poker Open in the UKIPT Player of the Year leader board. That should count as another reason to make the trip to Dublin next month.

You might not need another reminder why it’s worth playing the Irish Poker Open. Although if you do need telling that this is the oldest poker tournament outside of Las Vegas, and one of the most popular, then you can read our Irish Poker Open preview here.

But the leader board is a cherry on top.

Here’s how it will work.

How the Player of the Year leader board works

The leader board is a points-based competition.

If you cash in an eligible event (and those include all standard multi-table tournaments with a buy in of more than £220/€220, excluding satellites) you will receive points.

Those points, as you’d expect, will be based on your finishing position, and the number of event entries you make.

At the end of the 2023 tour those points totals will determine who ends the year with one of the top three prizes.

The first prize is a £15,000 UKIPT 2024 Package (£11,000 in 2024 live event credits plus £4,000 cash expenses).

Second prize will be £2,200 of 2024 live event credits. While third prize will be the same credits to the value of £1,100.

  • 1st Prize: a £15,000 UKIPT 2024 Package (£11,000 in 2024 live event credits plus £4,000 cash expenses).
  • 2nd Prize: £2,200 in 2024 live event credits. 
  • 3rd Prize: £1,100 in 2024 live event credits.

Full details of the UKIPT season will be released soon. But for now, get your plans in order for the Irish Poker Open coming up in just a matter of days. Start date for that is a week today: Monday 3 April 2023.

Good luck.

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