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There was something Trevor Woods said to the TV camera as he got ready for his NAPT High Roller exit video.

“If I look like a poker player, and act like a poker player, I must be one.”

He meant it as a half serious remark as he was miked up ready to speak to camera. But it was fitting of the moment.

Trevor, who won a Gold Pass on PokerStars, may just have busted from the high roller. But he’d more than proved himself by playing the best poker of his life against some of the best players in the game.

Now he was dealing with the familiar sting of elimination, made worse by what could have been. It was written on his face as he replayed hands in his mind.

More than just a story

But an event like a high roller can only hurt you if you’re playing it. Something not lost on Trevor, who was leaving with more than just a story.

Trevor Woods feeling at home in the high roller event after earning his seat by winning a Gold Pass on PokerStars

“I was surprised how comfortable I felt,” he said.

Remember, this is a man whose biggest event prior to this had a £100 buy in.

“I dropped a few chips at the beginning. But once you pick up a hand…”

He explained what happened on day one, when he’s been among the leaders.

“I was coasting, in the top ten,” he said. “Then I took a beat.”

“I had to call”

He’d been contesting a few pots with the player that took a bunch of his chips. He’d amassed close to 200,000 but lost a big chunk. He’d been telling himself to fold for the last half hour of the day but found some hands irresistible.

It happened like this.

He’d found ace queen and made top pair on the flop. Then made top two on the turn. But the river made his opponent a straight, and Trevor knew it.

“I had to call that,” he said.

In his place you might have made the same decision. Or not. It all comes down to experience and the situation. One of those impossible moments that can make or break your tournament.

A rush of blood

But still, when you look like a poker player, and act like a poker player, it means you must be one. And poker players don’t like busting.

“I’m gutted,” he said. “But just being here is something. It was like an opening to another world.”

Ultimately it had been, as Trevor put it, “a rush of blood to the head” that saw him bust.

But it doesn’t have to end today.

Trevor is a Red Spade Pass winner so will be enjoying the big race next week along with his partner. And as far as poker is concerned, well he has some Power Path tickets to use up.

“I’ll be spinning those up more and more,” he said. “I’ll definitely try to win another one.”

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