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This is where you’ll find all the release notes for the latest software update on PokerStars, as of Thursday 19 May 2022.


  • Improvement to tournament info at the table
  • New table backgrounds
  • A better experience when railing players
  • And more…


  • We’ve improved the display of tournament info at the table. This gives players better access to this information previously only available in the lobby. Please note this is the Beta version initially available only to players in UK, Spain, Portugal, and India.

Get tournament information at the table without having to jump back to the tournament lobby

Table backgrounds have been revamped. This means you can now apply both a texture and colour to give you a greater degree of customization.

Not just colours. Now you can change the texture of the table to create tables unique to you

If you like to watch games you’re not playing you can now rotate players at the table to the 6 o’clock seat position. Simply right-click and select “Center The Player”. This is useful if you’re railing someone. But please note this feature is initially available to players in UK, Spain, Portugal, and India.

Click “Center The Player” to re-arrange the tables you’re watching from the rail.

Players can now turn off the Spin and Go Flash table theme if you want to. You can do this via the “Display Optional Graphics” toggle.

We’ve made updates to the KO and Timed icons used in the lobby.

UK players can now access their account balance directly from the table via a new link in the top left corner.

Mobile App

T-money balance is now available on all buy-in dialogs.

A red circle notification has been added to the Free Chips button and Account menu tab. This alerts players that free play money chips are available to claim so you don’t miss them.

We’ve updated the “Registered” tag colour to increase visibility when registered to a tournament.

Late Registration tournament information has now been added for tournaments that are yet to start.

Responsible Gaming and Regulatory Improvements

Updated self-exclusion time periods – German players only

Bug Fixes

Removed the error when attempting to open an identical table from the table you are currently playing at – mobile only

Home Games Beta with Video Chat

Following a successful launch in the UK, Video Chat is now available in Ireland and Germany, with other countries to follow in the coming weeks.

See the players you’re up against while you play 


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