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Introducing Power Path, a new way for casual poker players to qualify for big tournaments

There’s one thing that all of the biggest PokerStars events are missing – from the European Poker Tour (EPT) and North American Poker Tour (NAPT) – to popular regional stops to the biggest online championships.


We think that you should be playing these events. We think that you should be taking poker vacations and battling for the big bucks. We think you should be giving the pros a run for their money in the largest online tournaments, regardless of your bankroll or experience.


That’s why PokerStars has created the Power Path, an exciting new way for recreational poker players to win your way to our most epic events. The best part is that every PokerStars player will get a free shot at the Power Path every time they play a real-money game.

Let’s say you’ve logged on to PokerStars to play a couple of tournaments on a Friday night. Why not add in a few Power Path events on the side? You could end up playing on the European Poker Tour or booking a VIP trip!

All real-money players will receive a daily Rewards Chest containing a free ticket to Step 1 (a $0.50 Spin & Go), but if you’d rather jump ahead and play Step 2 or Step 3 right off the bat, you can.

To find Power Path in your PokerStars lobby, click on the Power Path tab (shown below):

Power Path Daily Missions can be found in the Power Path lobby.

From there you can register any event, except for Step 4 — we’ll explain why in a sec.

The concept is simple: Power Path is a four-step qualifying route, similar to previous promotions like MegaPath. It begins with a Spin & Go, then a Sit & Go, then a Multi-table Tournament (MTT), and a final MTT with incredible prizes up for grabs.

But there’s one major difference: players cannot buy in directly to the fourth and final step. Entry must be won via the third step. This protects casual players from facing a sea of professional players in the final round, giving you a greater chance of winning.

No longer will our live events and online championships feel out of reach for casual and recreational poker players.


Most of us became interested in poker not only through a love of playing the game but through the professional players we admired. The incredible characters, the fascinating backstories, the drama, and the eye-watering prizes won. 

Poker needs professional players to be the heroes we look up to and learn from, and we respect and admire the hard work it takes to get to that level.

But you know what else it needs? 

It needs more Moneymakers. It needs more Platinum Pass-like experiences for regular players. It needs more dreamers given shots on the biggest stages.

It needs more of you.

PokerStars created the Power Path with the sole intention of getting more casual and recreational players into its biggest events, whether it’s winning $10,300 to spend at EPT stops or winning $2,500 to enter events in the World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP).

But to do it, PokerStars had to create a path that wouldn’t be crowded with professional players, many of whom plan to play the target events whether they win entry or not.

For a while now, our list of qualifiers at EPT Main Events has leaned heavily towards professionals, and that’s not surprising. These players have worked tirelessly to become masters of the satellite game and they deserve to book their seats for cheap as much as anyone (that’s why regular satellites will continue to run as normal).

But there’s really nothing quite like a good underdog story. Nothing gets us more excited than seeing PokerStars qualifiers run deep in their first big events.

Construction worker and Platinum Pass winner Glen Craigen had an incredible run at the PSPC 2023

So, in order to level the playing field, PokerStars removed the opportunity to buy in directly to Step 4 of the Power Path. This way, all players – professional and recreational alike – have to win their way through the steps.

No unlimited re-entries. No slew of pros hopping in at the last minute.


Step 1 – $0.50 Spin & Go

The Power Path begins with a $0.50 Spin & Go that players can either buy in to directly or enter using a Step 1 ticket. Tickets are awarded to all PokerStars players every day that they play a real-money game. 

This means you’ll get daily shots at the Power Path for free, just by playing your normal games.

But here’s the amazing thing. Like regular Spin & Go’s, the Step 1 Spin & Go’s will offer a range of prizes, including but not limited to entry to Step 2.

So, you could win a Gold Power Pass, Silver Power Pass or Bronze Power Pass just by playing a Step 1 Spin & Go. 

The most common prizes, however, will be entry to Step 2.

Step 2 – $1 Sit & Go / $1.50 MTT

There are two different versions of Step 2. You can either play $1 Sit & Go’s (16 players) or $1.50 MTTs, which can be entered using tickets won in Step 1 or by buying in directly.

Both types of Step 2 offer entry into Step 3.

Step 3 – $11 MTT

The $11 MTT Step 3 is the final stage at which players can buy-in directly. In order to win your way to Step 4 – where the big prizes are on offer – you must have won a ticket in a Step 3 event.

Step 4 – $109 MTT (no direct buy-in)

Here’s where players can win either a Bronze Power Pass, Silver Power Pass, or Gold Power Pass. 

Added value prizes are also offered, while regional versions may also award tickets to relevant events (UKIPT, BSOP etc.)


The Power Path offers three different prizes:

  • SILVER POWER PASS – $2,500
  • GOLD POWER PASS -$10,300

Each Pass is a curated bundle that will be updated with new offers for upcoming events.

For example, a $10,300 Gold Power Pass for EPT Barcelona might include:

  • EPT Barcelona Main Event entry – €5,300
  • EPT Barcelona side even entry – €1,100
  • 8 nights at a hotel (€2,440)
  • Expenses (€690)
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Live event liaison support
  • Free activities for player and guest

Or a UKIPT Gold Pass might include:

  • UKIPT Blackpool Main Event entry – £1,100
  • UKIPT Brighton Main Event entry – £1,100
  • UKIPT London Main Event entry – £1,100
  • UKIPT Edinburgh Main Event entry – £1,100
  • UKIPT Nottingham Main Event entry – £1,100
  • Expenses (£2,800)
  • Exclusive merchandise
  • Live event liaison support
  • Free activities for player and guest



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