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From now until May 21, 2023, PokerStars is running special edition Spin & Go leader boards in celebration of their partnership with Oracle Red Bull Racing.

Poker players will have the chance to race to a podium finish and win weekly cash prizes and tournament tickets.

The leader boards offer loads of extra value to players, with more than $7,500 in additional prizes paid out every day. That’s more than $200K every month!

All you have to do to take part is play PokerStars Spin & Go races to earn leader board points. Finish in the top tier of players in any weekly leader board to earn a prize.

Head here for all the info.


Weekly leader boards are available at a range of buy-ins from $1 to $25. You don’t have to stick to one. You can aim to become a champion across multiple leader boards.

The aim of PokerStars Spin & Go race leader boards is to get the most points possible. You’ll do this by finishing ‘races’ (i.e. Spin & Go’s).

Each attempt will comprise 10 Spin & Go games, and each day, you can have five attempts at each leader board buy-in level.

The more races you compete in, the more points will be up for grabs. But here’s the catch. You start with limited fuel. Run out of fuel, and it’s game over for that attempt.


In PokerStars Spin & Go races, you’ll face the same challenge as Oracle Red Bull Racing and other teams face on the tracks – you’ll need to keep an eye on fuel.

You’ll start each leader board attempt with a full fuel gauge. Finish first and your fuel level remains the same. Finish second or third, however, and your fuel level will drop.

So, although you can complete up to 10 races per leader board attempt, doing so will take a winning streak that makes Max Verstappen proud.

Whenever you do run out of fuel, that’s the end of your leader board attempt. You’ll be called in for a pit stop, where your fuel bar will be reset ready for the next run.

If you can keep your fuel level high by consistently finishing first, you have a shot at cruising through all 10 races – and potentially landing a podium finish on the leader boards.


Each race that you finish awards points towards your leader board score. As you would expect, finishing first awards the most points, followed by second, and then third place.

The number of points available for each race is determined by the prize pool generator. Lower prize pool multipliers award more points than higher ones. For example, the 2x multiplier pays more points than 3x, and 3x pays more points than a 5x multiplier.

In PokerStars Spin & Go races, the lower prize multipliers are well worth fighting for – they could be the deciding factor in a leader board that could earn you a share of $52,500 every week.


PokerStars Spin & Go races leader boards run weekly from February 27 until May 21, 2023. All prizes will be paid out within 48 hours of the end of each day, with no restrictions or earning requirements.

Remember, there’s more than $7,500 awarded daily and more than $200K up for grabs across all leader boards each month.

In the case of lower stakes, the top 500 players will be given prizes. The highest prize on offer is $300 for winning a $25 buy-in race.

You’ll find a full breakdown of prizes here.

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