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Here you’ll find an archive of all the latest PokerStars Release Notes from 2024, highlighting any updates and fixes made to PokerStars.


PokerStars Player pods

Desktop – Table

• Player Pod Redesign: Introducing a new design to the player pods on the poker table for desktop and mobile. All tables will now have the same shape player pods, with some themes colour tinted to align with the styling of the theme being used. Functionality of the player pods is unchanged; this is only a design update. As a result of these new changes, it will also reduce assets loads and opens avenues for future development.

Desktop – Navigation

• Further changes to filters in MTT lobby:

  • State buttons – prominent state buttons that allow users to include / exclude tournaments at different states with a single click. In addition, any filter combination is now supported. The new state buttons replace the “show upcoming only” checkbox. This change increases visibility and accessibility of the state options that are selected.
  • Satellite filter – new position to the satellite filter. This change increases the visibility and accessibility of this filter and allows users to utilise it with a single click. The filter allows users to add satellites to the view as before, in addition to the other TYPE filters. Users will no longer be able to filter their list to see “satellites only”
  • Global Clear button – new “Clear” button that allows users to reset all drop down filters with a single click. This is a change from the old functionality which only allowed to temporarily disable filters, but not reset them at once.
  • Removal of several filters – we removed several filters that were no longer compatible with our game offering or filters that had very low usage. This includes: Currency filter, Min Enrolled, Starts in, Custom start time
  • Merging Format & Type Filter – as part of our efforts to simplify flows we merged the Format & Type filter which can now be found under the same dropdown.

• New Favourites Flow in MTT lobby

  • Favourites tournaments can now be saved and accessed directly from the MTT lobby with a single click. In addition, users will have the option to save a set of tournaments or a single tournament. This change will allow users to easily access their favourite tournaments without leaving the lobby. Existing saved games will be migrated upon client update.
  • This change is currently only implemented in the MTT lobby. Favourites from Cash Games, Zoom and Sit & Go lobbies will be available in the old Favourites tab.
  • Onboarding tour for filters – upon first launch of the client post the update – you will see coach marks describing the changes to the new saved filters and favourites flows

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

• Desktop: ‘Find a Pro’ not working.
• Desktop: Mystery Bounty Widget is not showing after moving to another table.
• Desktop: Hand History of Last hand in Tournament and Zoom Missing.
• Desktop: “Throwable” and ‘Prestige’ buttons are not showing on the screen.
• Desktop: ‘Apply Changes’ button occasionally not working.
• Desktop: Filters, various minor bugs and other improvements.
• Desktop: The “Fold & Watch (Zoom)” Hotkey doesn’t work during players time bank.
• Desktop: Changing player label colour from ‘Notes’ tab isn’t synching with player pod.
• Desktop: Notes editing jumps to the end of the box while multi tabling.
• Desktop: Ante filter in cash games not displaying 6+ and tempest.
• Desktop: Replays are saved into favourites list of tournaments.
• Desktop: Empty and non-collapsible banners in featured tabs
• Mobile: Missing labels, right side table. Rare.

Other updates to note:

Client Width: Following our last update in UK, we have now increased the minimum client width in all clients. The new minimum client size will be 1280×720. The change will become effective immediately without a client update. This change will allow us to better scale features, designs and user flows.

POKER OFFER CHANGE, Shared Liquidity Markets From Monday, June 3, we are making some adjustments to our Cash Game offering:

  • Game Removals: HORSE, Mixed NLHE/PLO, and Courchevel will no longer be available as Cash Games due to low demand. These games will remain available in tournament formats.
  • New Micro Stakes: We are introducing Micro Stakes for 5 Card PLO and 6 Card PLO Cash Games. We hope you enjoy the new stakes!


Upcoming maintenance: play will be unavailable for certain times throughout the following dates:

• June 11: 12+ hrs (from 05:00 ET)
• June 25 or 26 (specific day and duration to be confirmed)

These maintenance periods allow us to complete essential updates to our systems. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your patience during these periods.


  • New minimum client size – We increased the minimum width of the client and the new minimum client size will be 1200×720. The new minimum size will allow us to better scale features, designs and user flows. The change is expected to be implemented in UK initially before being rolled out to other licences.
  • The rail is now available to users in Ontario licence – Visit the rail tab on the right side menu to get access to the great poker content PokerStars has to offer.
  • Mystery Bounty Event lobby – Prize Overview tab has been added to the Event Lobby, next to Payouts tab. This allows the players to see what Bounties have been assigned and how many remaining.
  • New rail design – We applied a new and modern design to our widget content in the rail. the changes improve the look and feel of the rail and increase visibility of the content.

Desktop – Table

  • Mystery Bounty – Player Pod: If a player has won a Mystery Bounty prize, you will see it by clicking on the player’s pod.
Mystery Bounty Pod


  • Spin&Go on the web – new game variants are now available to play on the website! Max Hold’em is now available to play in UK, COM, DE, ES, IT and Omaha is available to play in UK, COM, DE with limited buy-in range.

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • Zoom Hands not saved in Hand History when Fast Folding.
  • MTT Lobby: graphical improvements, various.
  • Mobile: Miscellaneous Visual Bugs/Improvements, overlapping elements.

Sit & Go Offering Update

We’ve streamlined our Sit & Go offering to ensure less time waiting time for games to start.

We have removed the following No Limit Hold’em game types: 9-Max Single Table Hyper Turbo, 6-Max Single Table Regular Speed, 9-Max Single Table Super KOs, and some On-Demand games.

For all removed games, we still offer similar game types at the same stakes. If your favorite game was impacted, we hope that you will enjoy the alternative games going forward!

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.


Desktop – Table

Rabbit Hunt (Beta) – During this patch, we will progressively enable the new Rabbit Hunt feature on Play Money tables. In poker, ‘Rabbit Hunt’ is when a dealer can deal out the rest of the community board in an incomplete hand once players have folded and the action has finished, to see what cards would have been dealt on future streets. When our initial testing is concluded we will consider launching it for all games or improving it further.

Player Pod menu

Player Pod Improvements: We have changed the interface for Player Pod options. You can now once more access labels with just one click. Further Player Pod improvements are expected to come later this year.

Mystery Bounty – Continuous Improvements – We have added the PlayerID to show who won the biggest Mystery Bounty in the prize overview. We have improved the wording for “Gameplay Animation” to “Bounty Animation”.

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • Mobile: Wrong Tourney Display Info.
  • Desktop: Fold to Any Bet not working.
  • Desktop: Carbon Lite + Carbon Themes, removal of Card Dealing animation.
  • Desktop: Mac, rendered Lobby columns.
  • Desktop: Hyperlinks to target tourneys in Satellites not working.
  • Desktop: Missing ‘1X RE-ENTRY’ chip in tournament side car.
  • Desktop: ‘Registered-in tournaments’ graphics override rightmost column.
  • Desktop: Hand equities do not show when Card Sorting is enabled.
  • Desktop: Animation of dealt cards displayed in Replayer.

Starting from this build, we have removed Windows Vista from the list of Supported Operating Systems. Players will still be able to connect and play but we will not be able to assist in case of any player facing issue or bug.

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.


Desktop & Mobile

  • PokerStars Mystery Bounty – Win Mystery Bounties in this new tournament type, now available in most licenses and soon available in all licenses. Keep an eye on the tournament lobby for the next Mystery Bounty event
Mystery Bounty tournaments

Desktop – Navigation       

MTT List:

  • Game icons: icons have been re-ordered to ease the reading of game information. Bounty icons will now appear in 3rd position within the row.
Game information

Side Car (Tournament lobby preview, right side panel):

  • Bounty information for winners – In addition to the prize awarded to winners, the side car will now also display the amount of prize the winner has collected in bounties
  • Re-entry information – number of re-entries allowed has been added and available in the red RE-ENTRY tag at the top
  • Phase end information –this data point is now dynamic and will display the number of levels remaining to play in the phase, instead of total levels played
Game information

Desktop – Table

  • Poker Sound Settings – We listened to player feedback on our previous iteration of updates to Sound Settings and are adding back a customisation option for the Attention Sound Effect. We may make further changes to optimise the experience for this setting
  • Scaling Card sizes – cards sizes now scale when you resize the table size

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • Game Play Best Slider issues: advanced betting buttons turned itself to disabled
  • SNG tourney not opening in rare cases
  • Unable to observe Zoom tables, Observe button not available
  • ‘Add chips’ not working in Zoom if automatic rebuy is turned on
  • Self-Throwable not working
  • Missing game icons in MTT list and legend in several licences
  • Sort by late reg: rows are reordered / jumpy
  • Selected tile blurriness in Spin&Go lobby

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.

PokerStars Release Notes are released monthly.

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