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Desktop – Navigation

MTT Lobby:

  • List view – The row height of the list increased and dark-mode optimized colours have been applied to improve readability of the tournament information.
  • New sorting logic – Tournaments are now sorted by late reg time remaining.
  • Icons – New icons added to the legend, helping users to understand the different game types available better.

Desktop – Table

Chip Shuffle Animation: Players can now intimidate their opponents and start a chip shuffle by clicking their chips committed to the pot. Players can only shuffle their current bets and not the pot or other players’ bets. It is only available when multiple chips are displayed.

You can now shuffle your bets

Card Sorting: Hole Cards are now automatically organised from High to Low after the hand is dealt. This allows players to evaluate the strength of their hand quicker. Players can choose to disable this feature from Settings.

Your cards will now be arranged high to low

Tournament Info Widget: The tournament widget is now improved with new, more relevant stats depending on the game and tournament state. Furthermore, there are some Quality of Life improvements that make the widget easier to use.

The Tournament Info widget has been updated

Winning Hand Animation: The winning hand is now highlighted on showdown so that players can process the winning hand faster.

The winner of a hand will be highlighted

Poker Sound Settings Revamp


New Spin&Go Lobby: A new web lobby is now also available on,,, – players can now play directly in their browser with limited stakes and only Hold’em and Flash.

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • ‘Play Now’ button not working for Sit & Go in Late Registration.
  • MTT Lobby List: Column content misalignments and other graphical improvements within the side panels.
  • Mac: Crash when joining tournaments, occasional.

Please Note

On December 7th we are increasing the All-In Cash Out fee from 1% to 2%. The fee applies to the value of your hand rather than the entire pot and this remains an entirely optional feature. For more information on All-In Cash Out click here.

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.

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