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Desktop & Mobile

  • PokerStars Mystery Bounty – Win Mystery Bounties in this new tournament type, now available in most licenses and soon available in all licenses. Keep an eye on the tournament lobby for the next Mystery Bounty event
Mystery Bounty tournaments

Desktop – Navigation ·        

MTT List:

  • Game icons: icons have been re-ordered to ease the reading of game information. Bounty icons will now appear in 3rd position within the row.
Game information

Side Car (Tournament lobby preview, right side panel):

  • Bounty information for winners – In addition to the prize awarded to winners, the side car will now also display the amount of prize the winner has collected in bounties
  • Re-entry information – number of re-entries allowed has been added and available in the red RE-ENTRY tag at the top
  • Phase end information –this data point is now dynamic and will display the number of levels remaining to play in the phase, instead of total levels played
Game information

Desktop – Table

  • Poker Sound Settings – We listened to player feedback on our previous iteration of updates to Sound Settings and are adding back a customisation option for the Attention Sound Effect. We may make further changes to optimise the experience for this setting
  • Scaling Card sizes – cards sizes now scale when you resize the table size

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • Game Play Best Slider issues: advanced betting buttons turned itself to disabled
  • SNG tourney not opening in rare cases
  • Unable to observe Zoom tables, Observe button not available
  • ‘Add chips’ not working in Zoom if automatic rebuy is turned on
  • Self-Throwable not working
  • Missing game icons in MTT list and legend in several licences
  • Sort by late reg: rows are reordered / jumpy
  • Selected tile blurriness in Spin&Go lobby

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.

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