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  • New view for our tournament list in MTT lobby:
    • Start + State columns have been merged – Tournaments in Late Reg state will appear in red for easier identification. The tournament state can still be used to filter the list
    • Tournaments the user is registered to – the entire tournament record will be in Italic instead of state column only
    • Prizepool column in gold
  • New side car
    • Fresh and colourful view
    • Tournament branding
    • New icons and tags for clear organisation of the data
    • Number of starting BB
  • Enable SAG Flash Games for Carbon Lite + Carbon Table Theme
  • Home Games: Last game result, Club Wall preview & Club Standings are now available in club lobby.
  • Additionally, a new search option has been added to make navigating Settings easier. To further make settings easy-to-use we have changed several settings, including which:
  • Show stack values in big blinds for observed games – this has been removed and merged into the bb display for cash and tournaments, e.g. when you observe a cash game, the bb display setting for cash games will apply
  • Auto-Center me when automatically seated – this has been removed, because it caused confusion as players were expecting this to be “Auto-Center me (always)” (which is still an option)
  • In the Account tab, the account name was displayed twice, one has been removed.
  • In the Account tab, the player was able to view “Registered in Tournaments”, this has been removed as it is also available by using Ctrl+R or navigating to Tools > My Games & Tickets > Registered in Tournaments
  • Several other settings have been adjusted similarly as the above examples. If you can’t find a setting you have been using, please use the new “Search Settings” feature.


  • We have now available our Spin&Go games (with limited stakes and only Hold’em and Flash) on www.pokerstars.uk/spinandgo so you can play the games directly on the browser. Rollout to other markets coming soon.

Bug Fixes

We have removed several bugs including:

  • ‘Notes’ tab & ‘Chat’ tab: minor fixes
  • ‘Watch Games’ fix
  • Pot shown in BB when mouseover
  • Home Games: Various fixes

For more information, or to leave us some feedback, head over to our Discord Channel.

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