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The 2023 PokerStars Live Events Calendar is packed with events all over the world. From our flagship EPT events to regional events across four continents. You can check-raise in the Czech Republic, call in Cambodia, raise from under-the-gun in Uruguay or set mine in São Paulo. Where in the world will poker take you?


Event: PCA

Dates: Jan 22 – Feb 3

Main Event Dates: Jan 23-29

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Event: BSOP Bahamas

Dates: January 22-24

Main Event Dates: January 22-24

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Event: PSPC

Dates: Jan 28 – Feb 3

Main Event Dates: Jan 30 – Feb 3

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Aliaksandr Shylko took down the 2023 PSPC winning over $3.1 million


Event: EPT and FPS Paris

Dates: Feb 15-26

Main Event Dates: EPT (Feb 20-26) FPS (Feb 16-20)

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Year of Romania! Razvan Belea defeated a field of 1,606 entries to win the EPT Paris Main Event and €1,170,000


Event: LAPT Rio de Janeiro

Dates: March 2-6

Main Event Dates: March 2-6 (R$7,500)

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Event: Eureka Rozvadov

Dates: March 13-20

Main Event Dates: March 16-20 (€1,100 – €1,000,000 GTD)

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Event: ESPT Madrid

Dates: March 23 – April 2

Main Event Dates: ESPT Main Event €1,100 (March 29 – April 2) CEP Main Event €500 (March 23-27)

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Event: BSOP São Paulo

Dates: March 29 – April 5

Main Event Dates: March 30 – April 4(BRL 3,000.00 – BRL 2.2m GTD)

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The BSOP is heading to São Paulo at the end of March for a week long festival of poker


Event: Irish Open

Dates: April 3-10

Main Event Dates: April 5-10

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Event: EPT and FPS Monte Carlo

Dates: April 26 – May 6

Main Event Dates: EPT €5,300 (April 30 – May 6) FPS €1,100 (April 26-30)

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Event: LAPT Montevideo

Dates: April 28 – May 2

Main Event Dates: April 28 – May 2 ($1,500)

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Manig Loeser took down the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event in 2019, winning over €600,000


Event: APPT Cambodia

Dates: May 5 – 15

Main Event Dates: May 12 – 15 ($1,500 – $400,000 GTD)

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Event: BPC Namur

Dates: May 11-21

Main Event Dates: May 13-21 (€1,100 – €750,000 GTD)

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APPT Korea Main Event Day 2

The APPT heads to Cambodia in the month of May, and has a $400,000 GTD Main Event


Event: BSOP Brasília

Dates: June 1-6

Main Event Dates: June 2-6

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Event: ESPT Castellon

Dates: June 29 – July 9

Main Event Dates: July 5-9

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BSOP Brasília is always a popular stop with poker players from South American flocking to the Brazilian capital for the chance to play


Event: UKIPT Blackpool

Dates: July 11-16

Main Event Dates: July 13-16

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Event: BSOP Winter Millions

Dates: July 19 -26

Main Event Dates: July 20-26

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Event: APPT Manila

Dates: July 26 – August 6

Main Event Dates: August 3-6 (PHP 65,000 – PHP 20,000,000 GTD)

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The player to the right of the dealer would often cut the deck before the deal

Take your pick from the BSOP Winter Millions and APPT Manila in July


Event: EPT and ESPT Barcelona

Dates: August 21 – September 3

Main Event Dates: EPT €5,300 (August 27 – September 3) ESPT €1,100 (August 21-27)

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EPT Barcelona 2022 saw one of the best final tables in EPT history, with Giuliano Bendinelli taking the win, after a chip and a chair comeback


Event: UKIPT Brighton

Dates: September 5-10

Main Event Dates: September 7-10

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Event: UKIPT London

Dates: September 19-24

Main Event Dates: September 21-24

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Event: ESPT Malaga

Dates: September 14-24

Main Event Dates: September 20-24

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Sunny Malaga plays host to the ESPT tour in September


Event: BSOP Foz Do Iguacu

Dates: October 5-10

Main Event Dates: TBD

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Event: EPT and Eureka Cyprus

Dates: October 11-22

Main Event Dates: EPT $5,300 (Oct 16-22) Eureka $1,100 (Oct 12-16)

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Event: UKIPT Edinburgh

Dates: October 24-29

Main Event Dates: October 26-29

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A new stop for the EPT and Eureka tours as we head to Cyprus this October


Event: ESPT Sevilla

Dates: November 2-12

Main Event Dates: November 8-12

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Event: UKIPT Nottingham

Dates: November 4-14

Main Event Dates: TBC

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Event: BSOP Millions

Dates: November 15-29

Main Event Dates: TBD

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The ever popular BSOP Millions is back for 2023 and takes place November 15-29


Event: EPT and Eureka Prague

Dates: Dec 6 – 17

Main Event Dates: EPT €5,300 (Dec 11-17), Eureka €1,100 (Dec 7-11)

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The final event of the year takes place in Prague

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