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If you’re a hockey fan, especially a follower of the Toronto Maple Leafs, none of what follows in the next sentence or two will come as any sort of surprise.

But the Maple Leafs are starting to turn some heads in the NHL playoffs.

They’re now all set to make their first second round playoff appearance in 19 years, and all on the back of a dramatic Game 6 overtime win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

Great stuff. But what has any of this got to do with PokerStars?

All-in shootout

Well, if you’ve spent any time in Maple Leaf Square in Toronto these past couple of weeks, you’ll know the answer to that one as well.

But for the benefit of anyone who might have missed it, or not lucky enough to live quite so close to the action, PokerStars has been providing a little extra fun and excitement to the pre-match buildup.

It started in the first round against Tampa Bay, outside the Scotiabank Arena, where thousands of fans, unable to get tickets ring side, gather to watch the games on giant screens.  

Spinning the wheel

PokerStars has had a presence in the Maple Leaf Square at each playoff game running live All-in Shootouts (one-hand poker games) for Leafs fans to win playoff tickets and merchandise via a Spin Wheel.

It’s been hugely popular so far. What’s not to like about poker, some prizes, and a chance to win playoff tickets to get if not ice level, then the next best thing.

So how does it work?


All-In Shootouts brings the popular PokerStars in-app game of Texas Hold’em to life. And played in real time in the square.

They take place in the hours before game time in the lead up to the initial puck drop, and always in Maple Leaf Square.

It’s free to play. And you don’t need any previous poker experience to take part. You do need to be 19 or over.

Each player will be dealt poker hands and automatically be placed all in — so no need to worry about poker etiquette or betting sizes, or anything like that.

The dealer will randomly deal the cards. Then, the player with the best hand wins. 

An invitation to spin the wheel

If you’re one of those lucky winners, you’ll be invited to spin a wheel for a prize and be entered into a draw for prizes like playoff tickets and Leafs jerseys.

The winners are announced during an onstage program which ramps up the occasion with all the energy excitement you’d expect from a playoff campaign. 


PokerStars will be sticking around in Male Leafs Square for a long as the Maple Leafs themselves are able to conquer the NHL Playoffs.

Winner winner

The Playoffs will continue into June as the best 16 teams compete for a chance to win the Stanley Cup. Right now, the Maple Leafs have made it on to the final 8 teams, with the Florida Panthers their next opponent.  

So, if you’re in the Toronto area, and planning to share the atmosphere in Maple Leaf Square, come find us and have a go. Win or lose – on and off the ice — it’ll be a great place to share the playoff experience.

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