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Some podcast hosts are just never happy.

First, James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton got all prima donna on us and took the summer off. “Hiatus!” they said in unison, and then they sauntered away. Not much you can do there.

Now they’ve come back with two episodes in just five days — only to demand the next two weeks off!

It’s hard to be too upset with them, though. This latest episode is a good one.

Jessica Dawley at the 2019 WSOP

This episode’s guest is Jessica Dawley, a professional poker player, WSOP bracelet winner, and U.S. Air Force veteran from Florida. One year after finishing on the same tournament’s stone bubble, Dawley defeated Faraz Jaka heads-up to win the recent Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open $2,650 Main Event.

Dawley talks to the guys about her pre-poker career as an intelligence analyst, taking a shot at becoming a poker pro, and ticking off all the goals she’d hoped to accomplish over the course of her 12 years at the tables. Well, almost all of them — she says the last thing she’d like to accomplish is to provide a more inviting environment for women in the game. And she has some very specific ideas on how to make that happen.

The full interview with Dawley begins at the 24:22 mark.

Prior to Dawley dropping by, Stapes talks about his latest Hollywood home game session — a losing one, in this case (13:08) — and about a geographic misadventure in Florida (18:30). Following the interview is a preview of the upcoming EPT Barcelona live stream (52:18), and then the latest edition of “Superfan vs. Stapes” (59:40). England’s James Read takes on Stapes on the theme of one of Read’s favorite films of all-time — and one that diva/host Stapes just doesn’t appreciate at all — Edgar Wright’s Shaun Of The Dead.

Check out Episode 158 of Poker In The Ears on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Spotify. And if you want to help the boys out before the next episode drops on September 12 — or just encourage them to do more than two episodes in a row before jetting off again — make sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast!

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