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The PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) is only a few days away — and PokerStars today announced another couple of opportunities to play in the event, with coveted Platinum Passes added to other tournament prize pools.

Today’s $3,000 buy-in Mystery Bounty tournament, part of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) schedule in the Bahamas, will now feature a Platinum Pass in one of the bounty envelopes.

Meanwhile, there are at least three Platinum Passes now available to winners in Event #46, the final tournament on the Step qualifier path. This tournament already guaranteed some $25,000 seats in the PSPC, but now has Platinum Pass packages added too.

More details are as follows.

Event #23 Mystery Bounty

Mystery Bounty tournaments have taken the live poker scene by storm over the past year or so. Today’s iteration at the PCA in the Bahamas has plenty of added appeal.

The tournament was originally advertised as a $3,000 buy-in event, with $1,000 of each buy-in going into the Mystery Bounty pool. That already offered the chance of some huge jackpots for players who eliminate opponents.

But the incentive to play grew even bigger with the news that one of the Mystery Bounty envelopes will hold a Platinum Pass — i.e., a $30,000 package to the PSPC. Remember, $25,000 of that is the tournament buy-in, with the remainder paid as expenses.

A bounty ticket could mean a Platinum Pass

As players will already be in the Bahamas, expenses will naturally have already been incurred. So this part of the prize will likely be regarded as an additional cash prize.

Please note: existing Platinum Pass holders will not be eligible to win another one. They will need to put the winning envelope back in the pot and pull another.

Similarly, this is a “must play” prize. If a player pulls the Platinum Pass who won’t actually be able to stick around, they will need to return the envelope and try again.

Event #46 Qualifier to PSPC Main Event

One of the most popular ways for online players to win a Platinum Pass is through the Mega Path. That’s where you qualify through a number of smaller tournaments before landing a $30K prize.

Something similar is planned for this live tournament series too, with a number of “Step” qualifiers taking place this week before a final satellite tournament, offering $25,000 buy-ins to the PSPC Main Event.

The Step qualifiers have buy-ins of $300 and $600, allowing entry to a final satellite tournament. This final satellite is Event #46.

But get this. In addition to however many $25K buy-ins are guaranteed by the regular tournament prize pool, PokerStars will add at least three $30K Platinum Pass packages.


To reiterate: these Platinum Passes are added. Nothing is coming out of the prize pool. At when we say at least three Passes, there may well be more…

How does it work? Well, let’s say the prize pool in Event #46 has enough money in it to give away 10 $25K seats to winners. In this instance, the tournament will end with 13 players left.

Those 13 players are guaranteed to be playing the PSPC, but there will then be a random draw to determine which of them gets the Platinum Pass package, worth $30,000. Three people will basically get a $5K bonus — a nice way to get a tidy little refund on your travel and hotel expenses.

The step qualifiers are Events #18, #24, #28, #30, #37 and #41 on the regular tournament schedule, and there are some Crazy Pineapple Flips too, costing $30 or $60, to get you into these qualifiers for even cheaper.

Event #46, scheduled for 8pm on Saturday, January 29 (i.e., the night before the PSPC) — is open ONLY to players who have come qualified for it. Nobody can buy in at this stage.

Please note the specifics of Event #46

  • Event #46 is a restricted entry qualifer to the PSPC Main Event
  • Event #46 does not allow direct buy ins. The only way to enter is via the $300 and $600 step qualifiers
  • Event #46 has at least x X $30,000 Platinum Passes ADDED to the prize pool

Step qualifiers (all Win Your Seat at 100,000 chips):

  • Thursday January 26 – 6pm: Event #24 – $300 Step Qualifier
  • Friday January 27 – 2pm: Event #28 – $300 Step Qualifier
  • Friday January 27 – 4pm: Event #30 – $600 Step Qualifier
  • Saturday January 28 – 2pm: Event #34 – $300 Step Qualifier
  • Saturday January 28 – 4pm: Event #37 – $600 Step Qualifier
  • Sunday January 29 — 2pm: Event #41 – $300 Step Qualifier

Crazy Pineapple Flips:

  • January 27 – 12pm: Event #200 – $30 flip qualifier to $300 Step
  • January 27 – 3pm: Event #201 – $60 flip qualifier to $600 Step


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