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MicroMillions Main Event

After two weeks of micro-stakes action, it was time for the schedule’s headline act: the $22 buy-in MicroMillions Main Event. 

With its $22 buy-in, the Progressive Knockout tournament might seem pricey for your average MicroMillions bankroll. However, with satellites running throughout the series and many players choosing to invest their MicroMillions winnings, not to mention the $500K guarantee making it a must-play event for players of all levels, this event exceeded all expectations.

Half a million dollars were guaranteed before a single player registered, but the prize pool swelled to $557,260 when 27,863 entries (including 9,635 re-entries) took part.

When the one-day event finished, it was “Deathcube77” from Greece who emerged victorious, winning $34,344 ($24,032 for first place plus $10,312 in bounties).

“RudyBee123” from Ireland finished in second place, earning themselves $24,007 plus $5,016 bounties.

MicroMillions High Roller

Running alongside the Main Event was the $55 High Roller an – as you’d expect – it produced the largest first-place prize of the series.

“Figalex25” from Peru took it down for $41,687, defeating 5,866 total entries (including 1,772 re-entries). The UK’s “SlumChicken” finished runner-up, banking $29,251 for their efforts.

This one had a $293,300 prize pool, smashing the $250K guarantee.

Biggest prizes of the series

No surprise that the High Roller and Main Event winners top this list, but here’s a look at the 10 biggest winners throughout the MicroMillions:

Smallest prizes of the series

Now let’s take a look at the smallest first-place prizes. All bankrolls have to start somewhere!


Take a bow, “RyFF247”.

The player from Austria was the only multiple champion across the 208-event MicroMillions series, but it gets even better.

They won their two MicroMillions titles on back-to-back nights!

First, RyFF247 took down a $5.50 PKO on Wednesday, July 12, good for $2,478.

Then, on Thursday, July 13, they were back at it, taking down a $5.50 PKO Big Knockouts event for $2,321.

Impressive stuff!


Well, whaddayaknow? Brazilians dominated the MicroMillions series, just as they do every series! 

With 52 titles, Brazil captured exactly a quarter of all MicroMillions titles. Amazing.

Here’s the full list of who won what:

52 Titles – Brazil

23 – UK

12 – Germany

9 – Ukraine

8 – Argentina, Canada, Romania, 

7 – Belarus

6 – Austria, Ireland, Kazakhstan

5 – Czech Republic, Finland

4 – Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, 

3 – Denmark, Peru, Poland, Sweden, 

2 – Belgium, Estonia, Lithuania, Moldova, Uzbekistan

1 – Algeria, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Guatemala, Japan, Luxembourg, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Uruguay.



MicroMillions is the most extensive, most prestigious online series for new and aspiring players hoping to build their bankrolls and capture a title (not to mention earn a MicroMillions winner badge that you can display proudly when playing on PokerStars).

It’s a series designed for those who have big poker dreams, but don’t necessarily have big poker bankrolls. But with buy-ins as low as $1.10 plus tons of added-value satellites for every event, you don’t need one to enjoy MicroMillions.

So whether you’re brand new to poker or you want to get back in the game after some time away, there’s no better series to play than this one.

It might be small stakes, but it’s low risk and has big prizes. There’s more than $4 million guaranteed in prize pools across 208 events, and the largest buy-in tops off at $55 (that’s a High Roller event).

For those bigger buy-in events, you can always use qualifiers to get in for cheap. 

PokerStars is offering $10,000 in added-value satellites, plus there’s $40,000 added to freeroll events (2 x $20,000 guaranteed freerolls) to ensure everyone gets a shot at playing with no deposit required. Those run on July 9 and July 16 and you simply need to play three MicroMillions events to be entered (learn more about the freerolls here).

You’ll also find special edition $0.40 Spin & Go’s awarding MicroMillions tickets to winners.


Dates: July 2 – 16, 2023
Events: 208
Prizes: $4M+ guaranteed
Buy-ins: $1.10 – $55

MicroMillions Main Event
Sunday, July 16
#202: $22 NLHE [Progressive KO, Main Event], $500K Gtd

Making a poker bet

You don’t need a big bankroll to play and win in MicroMillions




This is the one you definitely don’t want to miss.

The MicroMillions Main Event is a Progressive Knockout (PKO) event with a $22 buy-in. But with such a modest buy-in comes a whopping $500,000 guarantee.

That’s an ambitious goal but shows how much PokerStars is invested in low-stakes players with big ambitions.

The Main Event starts on Sunday, July 16 at 13:05 ET (17:05 WET) and you’ll find it in the MicroMilliions lobby on the PokerStars client (Events > MicroMillions).

If $22 is out of your price range, don’t worry. There will be plenty of satellites running for this one.

Plus, there are two enormous freerolls running on July 9 and July 16 with $20,000 in MicroMillions tickets guaranteed in each. 


Buy-ins for MicroMillions begin at just $1.10, and there are 32 events with that price tag.

But if you had to pick just two of them to play, let’s go for those with the largest guarantees. After all, the bigger the prize pool, the bigger the prizes!

Two $1.10 buy-in events boast a $6,000 guarantee – a hefty sum for such affordable tournaments. You’ll find the first of them running this Sunday, July 2 – the opening day of MicroMillions.

It begins at 8:05 ET (12:05 WET) and it’s a $1.10 Progressive Knockout event, a great way to kick off the series.

Then there’s another $6K Gtd $1.10 event the following Saturday, July 8, beginning at 13:35 ET (17:35 WET).

  • 02-Jul Sun 08:05 MicroMillions 2: $1.10 NLHE [Progressive KO], $6K Gtd
  • 08-Jul Sat 13:35 MicroMillions 90: $1.10 NLHE [Progressive KO], $6K Gtd

Want to browse through all 32 $1.10 MicroMillions events?

Just type $1.10 into the search bar in the schedule (scroll up).


The largest buy-in on the MicroMillions 2023 schedule is the $55 High Roller, taking place on the final day of the series: July 16 at 14:05 ET (18:05 WET).

That’s a high buy-in for the vast majority of poker players, but especially those of us grinding the MicroMillions. 

So, why is it included on the schedule? Well, with its $250,000 guarantee, this one is going to be massive. And that means there’s going to be tons of satellites running for it in the lead-up.

Perhaps you’ve had a nice score and want to take a shot in a huge tournament. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to compete in a $55 buy-in but never knew which to play. 

The good news is that you don’t have to fork out the full $55 to play. You’ll have plenty of chances throughout the series to book your seat for cheap.

16-Jul Sun 14:05 MicroMillions 204: $55 NLHE [High Roller], $250K Gtd


It’s not just no limit hold’em that’s getting the MicroMillions treatment.

Just like in the Spring and World Championships of Online Poker, there’s also a PLO Main Event that runs on Sunday, July 16 at 12:35 ET (16:35 WET). It’s just $11 to enter and there’s $35,000 guaranteed.

Plus, there are events on the schedule in 8-Game, HORSE, 5-card PLO, Stud…even pot limit badugi!

Here’s a look at other non-hold’em events running throughout MicroMillions:

  • 02-Jul Sun 12:35 MicroMillions 9: $5.50 8-Game, $6K Gtd
  • 03-Jul Mon 12:35 MicroMillions 23: $3.30 HORSE, $3K Gtd
  • 03-Jul Mon 14:35 MicroMillions 27: $5.50 5-Card PLO [Turbo], $6K Gtd
  • 04-Jul Tue 12:35 MicroMillions 37: $5.50 PLO [Progressive KO], $10K Gtd
  • 05-Jul Wed 12:35 MicroMillions 48: $3.30 Stud, $1.5K Gtd
  • 06-Jul Thu 12:35 MicroMillions 62: $3.30 PLO8, $5K Gtd
  • 07-Jul Fri 12:35 MicroMillions 74: $3.30 NLO [6-Max, Progressive KO], $5K Gtd
  • 08-Jul Sat 15:05 MicroMillions 93: $3.30 8-Game [Turbo, Progressive KO], $3K Gtd
  • 09-Jul Sun 12:35 MicroMillions 104: $5.50 NLO8 [Progressive KO], $8K Gtd
  • 09-Jul Sun 15:05 MicroMillions 109: $3.30 FL 2-7 Triple Draw [7-Max, Turbo], $2K Gtd
  • 10-Jul Mon 12:35 MicroMillions 118: $5.50 NL 5-Card Draw, $2.5K Gtd
  • 10-Jul Mon 14:35 MicroMillions 122: $3.30 PLO [Heads-Up, Turbo, HU Zoom TKO], $5K Gtd
  • 12-Jul Wed 12:35 MicroMillions 145: $5.50 PL Badugi [Progressive KO], $3K Gtd
  • 12-Jul Wed 14:35 MicroMillions 149: $3.30 Razz [Turbo], $2K Gtd
  • 13-Jul Thu 12:35 MicroMillions 159: $5.50 5-Card PLO8, $3K Gtd
  • 14-Jul Fri 12:35 MicroMillions 171: $5.50 NL 2-7 Single Draw [Progressive KO], $2.5K Gtd
  • 14-Jul Fri 14:35 MicroMillions 175: $3.30 Stud Hi/Lo [Turbo], $2K Gtd
  • 15-Jul Sat 15:05 MicroMillions 190: $3.30 6-Card PLO [Turbo, Progressive KO], $4K Gtd
  • 16-Jul Sun 15:05 MicroMillions 206: $5.50 NLO8 [Turbo, Progressive KO], $8K Gtd


Tournaments: 207
Entries: 1,136,253 (inc. 376,988 re-entries)
Prize pools: $5,818,692
First-place prizes: $571,069 (inc. $157,841 in bounties)

The 2022 edition of MicroMillions was a thrilling affair, producing jaw-dropping first-place prizes for modest tournament buy-ins.

There were more than 1.1 million entries across 207 events, creating prize pools of $5.8 million with $571,069 going to the winners.

Brazil’s “matthew085” took down the $22 MicroMillions Main Event Progressive Knockout (PKO), besting a staggering 27,544-entry field to win $36,295 (including $12,423 in bounties) — the lion’s share of a $550,880 prize pool.

In the biggest buy-in event of the series — the $55 MicroMillions High Roller — it was “deanlougue” who emerged victorious, banking $46,507.

Read more about the 2022 MicroMillions.

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