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Check out the latest PokerStars release notes for updates on 6+ Hold’em, Tempest Hold’em and more. Please note: the entry relating to 6+ Hold’em and Tempest Hold’em was updated on 14 August 2023.

6+ Hold’em and Tempest Hold’em

Coming soon: 6+ Hold’em and Tempest Hold’em will no longer occupy tabs in the desktop client. But fear not – these games will still be available in the ‘Cash’ tab.

Both games have found a loyal audience and now belong with the rest of the core cash game offering. This also means that the ‘Seat Me’ style of seating and occasional time penalties will no longer apply to these games.

Heads Up Sit and Go Rake

Today we are also announcing an increase to the rake in Heads Up Sit and Go. The new rake will range from 4% at high stakes to 6% at micro stakes and you can find the exact rake in the tournament lobby of each game before you register.

We conduct regular pricing reviews and after assessing the competitive landscape believe that the time is right for the rake to be increased in this game type, which has not been updated for many years. No other game types are impacted.

EUR and GBP Cash Games

Lastly, we are removing the EUR and GBP cash games from our global offering. While we recognise that some players prefer playing in their local currency, removing these games will help clear up the lobby and make it easier to find a running table with an open seat.

Remember, you can still make your own EUR or GBP cash game in Home Games, and we will always run satellites to live events like EPT and UKIPT in the local currency when it makes sense to do so.

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