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You’ve seen her commentary on the World Series of Poker. You’ve heard her “Poker Stories” podcast. Now Jamie Kerstetter, the woman Joe Stapleton calls “arguably the funniest person in poker,” has another highlight to add to her resumé: guest on Episode 163 of Poker In The Ears.

Kerstetter talks to the boys about moving from estate law to poker right around the time of Black Friday, comedy in our touchy times, moving to Mexico to play online poker, writing one-liners for Doug Polk, and lots more. She’s funny, personable, and carries on a great conversation — you’ll enjoy listening to this one.

Before Kerstetter drops by, Stapes talks about the best birthday of his life and ITV’s “The Chase Celebrity Special” mentioning Poker In The Ears on the air. Hartigan isn’t happy that being sick kept him from attending a screening of Joker at Lex Live 2, but Stapes says he didn’t really miss anything. Then it’s on to poker news from the last week including Platinum Pass winners at Aspers Casino, the PokerStars/Flutter merger news, and the Mike Postle scandal.

After the interview, it’s time for another edition of Stapes Vs. Superfan. This time the U.K.’s Natasha Kendall challenges Stapes on his knowledge of the 1989 Patrick Swayze action classic Road House. Stapes had never seen this one before. He loved watching it on his new Apple TV, even though he rented it when it was available for free with his Netflix subscription. Doh!

Check out Episode 163 of Poker In The Ears on Soundcloud, iTunes, or Spotify. And if you want to help the boys out, make sure to rate, review, and subscribe to the podcast!

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