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Jaime Staples isn’t sleeping well. He’s got a curious illness known only as the ‘SCOOP hype’. That’s what you’re likely to catch when you make it through to a SCOOP Day Two, baby!

It’s tough to sleep when you’re so hyped

Yes, Staples is grinding it out right now in the final few tables of the $22 Limit Hold’em 6-max [Low], and gunning for his first ever SCOOP title. You can hear his thoughts ahead of the day’s play right here in his latest video diary entry;

If you want to rail Staples on his way to that title, then check out his Twitch stream right now.

Go to, type ‘!blogfan’ into the chat and you’ll get a special shout-out from Jaime himself when he’s streaming.

Play in the exclusive SCOOP Diaries Freeroll

PokerStars Blog has teamed up with Jaime Staples for an amazing value freeroll where we are giving away 25 $109 tournament tickets for use in the SCOOP Main Event [Low], with a guaranteed prizepool of $1,500,000!

To earn a seat into the freeroll, simply make a deposit of at least $10 and use the code ‘JaimeDiaries’. You’ll then be automatically registered for the SCOOP Diaries Freeroll. You can find this by going to the Tourney tab on PokerStars and searching for ‘Diaries’, or by using the tournament ID 2299843641. Good luck!

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