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21 Platinum Passes to giveaway in 21 days. That might be why it’s called Platinum Madness.

What do you think?

Are these the plans for a sensible Platinum Pass giveaway, or the result of picking random promotional words from a bingo hopper?

“21 Platinum Passes. 21 days. Rewards chests. $1 million in prizes. No experience or big bankroll necessary.”

It does at least explain the name.

Platinum Madness is just about the only thing you could call an idea based loosely around putting 21 Platinum Passes into a confetti cannon and firing it in your general direction.

Furthermore, to win one of these 21 passes (each worth $30,000, remember), all you need to do is OPT-IN.

The hard part is convincing you all this is true.

Keep reading for the proof, and for step-by-step details of how to take part…

Platinum Madness: Here’s how it works

Taking part in Platinum Madness is easy, but first you have to opt-in.

This is super easy, and you can do it now by going to this page. It’s as easy as clicking a button in your account page.

Once you do that you can get started on the Platinum Madness board. You can see what that looks like here…

As you can see it looks a little bit like snakes and ladders. Just without the snakes. So it’s all up (no down).

OUR objective is to get you to the PokerStars Players Championship in Barcelona later this year.

And we mean you. Not the high roller. Not the live event specialist (they can try playing their way to Barcelona in a PSPC qualifier). We’re talking to anyone whose passion and ambition for the game tends to outrun their experience and especially their bankroll.

YOUR objective is to make progress on the board. You do that by earning dice roles which you’ll find in Stars Rewards chests.

You get these dice rolls in the same way you get rewards chests – by playing your regular games on PokerStars.

As you move along, you’ll come across ladders that advance you up the board. You’ll also find random chests scattered across various squares.

So, what’s in these chests?

Great prizes to win

These are the chests that contain special prizes.

Anything from cash prizes and All-In Shootout (AISO) tickets (more on those in just a minute). And in each box, there’s a single Platinum Pass waiting for someone.

When you reach the end of the board (no need to roll the exact number, we’re not cruel) you’ll receive a Super PSPC Chest.

This contains an even larger cash reward, and an even bigger chance of winning a Platinum Pass.

But that’s not the only way to win a pass…

Win a Platinum Pass in daily All-In Shootouts

You can also go Platinum by winning one of the daily All-In Shoot Outs.

Not only are these shootouts chock full of drama and excitement, they find a winner in about the same time it takes to read how they work (which you can do on the Platinum Madness homepage).

You’ll find AISO tickets in the chests you land on. PLUS, you can win more AISO tickets by finishing in the top places in that day’s tournament.

And if it’s more dice rolls, you’re after, look out for special reload offers coming up during the promotion.

It’ll be worth it to get to an event that includes all of this…

How a Platinum Pass could be life changing

Remember, this is all about getting you to the PSPC in Barcelona in August of this year.

Ramon Colillas won the PSPC in 2019, earning a first prize of more than $5 million

You work on the dice rolling. We’ll provide on a poker experience unlike any other.

A Platinum Pass is worth $30,000. But really, it’s worth more than that.

Sure, Platinum Pass winners get the following.

  • A seat in the PokerStars Players Championship event
  • Six nights five-star accommodation for you and a guest
  • Transfers from the airport to the hotel
  • €1,250 of expenses to get you to Barcelona
  • Special PSPC merchandise note available anywhere else

You also get the memories that go with that kind of experience. But not just that…

You get to play the biggest $25,000 live poker tournament of its kind. But not just that…

You get to play against the world’s best to players. But better than that…

You join up with the rest of the poker community – people who love the game as much as you – in in one of the world’s most beautiful locations. Which for those few days will be the centre of the poker universe

There’s no other place a poker player will want to be.

And we want to see you there.

So, let’s get back to winning one of these 21 Platinum Passes.

Because as well as landing on one of those chests, and winning one of the daily All-In ShootOuts, there is one more completely free way to win a Platinum Pass.

Read about it below…

How to claim bonus freeroll tickets

As an added incentive, anyone who opts in now will get an invitation to a special welcome freeroll taking place on Tuesday February 11 at 15:00 ET.

The winner will earn a Platinum Pass before they even roll a dice. No experience required, and certainly no bankroll. Just the effort it takes to click the opt-in button.

And if you miss out on that freeroll, don’t worry.

We’re running another Last Chance Freeroll at the end of the 21 days of Platinum Madness.

That will be on Sunday March 1 and is open to anyone who opts in (and who isn’t already Barcelona bound).

Which only leaves just one more thing…

Opt-in from today and get started

You can opt-in now by going to your account. Do that today to ensure you don’t miss out on either of the freerolls that are planned. Remember each is giving away a Platinum Pass.

And for proof this isn’t a complex hoax, or the work of a renegade intern with that bingo hopper, and that we really are giving away 21 Platinum Passes in 21 days (with another 21 for players in France and Spain) visit the Platinum Madness homepage.

That’s where you’ll also find a reminder of what all the fuss is about, and why a Platinum Pass to the PSPC in Barcelona this August, is probably the most life changing card you’ll ever play.

Click here to opt in to Platinum Madness

So, that’s 21 Platinum Passes in 21 days, with prizes totalling to something like $1 million. The name makes total sense.

Opt-in, get playing, and start rolling those dice.


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