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So, you’ve heard that the last available Platinum Pass before the PCA itself is available to win, thanks to those good people over on the Poker in the Ears Podcast?

Now all you need are the details of how to take part.

The PITE team have created some instructions. This is the definitive list of what you need to do to take part.

Remember, the prize is a Platinum Pass package worth $30,000. That’s a number big enough to give these instructions your close attention.

Ready? Let’s get started.

First, there are three very important caveats. They’re so important that we may well repeat them several times as you read this.

  1. You must have a PokerStars account.
  2. This contest is open to podcast listeners in Canada, the UK, and the USA (except for Florida, New York State, and Washington State). Do not enter if you’re not eligible to win.
  3. Also, please do not enter if you cannot travel to the Bahamas in two weeks’ time to play the PSPC. The Platinum Pass is a non-transferable prize. It has no cash value. So, you must be able to make your own way to the Bahamas to play.

Right, that’s the serious stuff mentioned. But it’s worth saying that the terms and conditions for this contest are quite detailed so you should read them, which you can do here. And if you’re in the United States, you can read them here.

Here’s the process of the competition itself. James Hartigan has tested this on Joe Stapleton, and he passed. While there’s a lot of detail, we know it’s easy to understand.

STEP 1: You need to be on the PokerStars Discord server.

Podcast listeners will know about this, and James highlighted last year that it was worth signing up.

And it’s not too late to do so. There’s no download necessary and you can access Discord on your web browser.

You can find a link in the podcast description and open an account for free. That’s step one.

STEP 2: Find the main Podcast channel.

Another easy one. It’s called “podcast discussion” so you shouldn’t have any problems finding it.

STEP 3: Post in that channel.

You don’t have to post anything profound. Just write the short and sweet message: “I’m in.”

You have until one minute past midnight GMT on Monday 16th January to do this. That’s the early hours of Monday morning to be absolutely clear.

Remember: You should only be doing this if you’re resident in the territories listed above (so Canada, the UK, and the United States, with the exceptions of Florida, New York State and Washington State). AND you should be able to make your own way to the Bahamas to take your seat in the PSPC.

Okay, so you’ve joined Discord, you’ve checked your passport, your ability to buy yourself an airline ticket to the Bahamas, and you’ve typed “I’m in” into the Discord channel as instructed. What now?

Wait for a direct message (from James)

Well in the 24 hours that follow everyone who posted in that channel will receive a direct message from James Hartigan himself.

In that direct message will be a link to a simple questionnaire so we can get your name and contact details.  We’ll also need you to confirm that you are eligible to win the prize and can travel to the Bahamas. Please don’t enter if you can’t.

The first 50 legitimate entries – so that’s the first 50 eligible entrants to complete the survey – will advance to the next stage. To be clear at this point, the survey link is likely to go out on Monday morning UK time. Set an alarm. Snoozing may mean losing.

Eligible entrants will then be contacted

Then on Tuesday of next week we will then contact eligible entrants with two key things:

  1. A simple release form, agreeing to appear on the podcast we’re recording on Wednesday 18 January.
  2. A Zoom contact request. This is so we can potentially reach you during that show.

Yes, during next week’s podcast record – between the hours of 16:00 and 18:00 GMT – we will be calling someone at random.

If that person is you, and you don’t pick up, you’re out.

If you do pick up you will need to answer a trivia question correctly. You’ll get three categories to choose from.

  1. PCA
  2. PSPC
  3. The Bahamas

If you get the question wrong that’s that. Unlucky, but you’re out.

That’s bad news for someone, but a lifeline for whoever we call next. Because we’ll repeat this process with the next caller until that caller gets the question right. When they do they win the Platinum Pass.


Told you it was easy.

Remember those terms and conditions, (and here if you’re in the US) and we’ll announce the winner on Thursday 19 January.

Good luck!

Did we mention you must be in the UK, Canada, or the US (except for Florida, New York State and Washington State) to take part? AND be able to get to the Bahamas to play?

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