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The slow and steady growth of podcasting over the last decade appears to have reached critical mass this year.

Recent years have seen podcasts become a part of everyday life in countries around the world. (Infographic: Statista)

The latest annual Infinite Dial report from Edison Research and Triton Digital shows that more than 144 million Americans have ever listened to a podcast, 90 million of them within the last month. And the global audience for podcasts is growing fast, too. The Reuters Digital News Report in 2018 found significant numbers of people have listened to a podcast in the last month in countries across Europe and Asia.

The upshot of all this growth is that it’s never been easier to find a podcast that fits your interests. Topics as diverse as comedy, current events, true crime, TV shows, and documentary films are magnets for great podcasts. So it comes as no surprise that poker is a ready topic for lots of great listening, too.

Hartigan and Stapes bring the noise on Poker In The Ears

Perhaps the best starting point for getting into poker podcasts is Poker In The Ears.

Whether they’re fresh off announcing a poker tournament or enjoying some time off the road, James Hartigan and Joe Stapleton’s show is the Tonight Show of poker podcasts and a must listen for poker fans. They interview the poker world’s biggest winners and newsmakers, talk TV and movies, and share stories from the road, engaged the whole time in the same kind of banter that you know and love from their EPT broadcasts.

If you’re looking for tips and tactics, you’ll want to check out the Thinking Poker Podcast.

Hosted by Andrew Brokos and Nate Meyvis, this weekly poker podcast features sophisticated strategy discussions that can help you improve your game. The host combine all the card talk with in-depth interviews of famous names from around the poker world, making for a compelling combination that listeners enjoy around the world.

The Grid with Jennifer Shahade is one of the newest entries into the poker podcast market.

One of the newest entries into the poker podcasts scene is The Grid with Jennifer Shahade.

Our own Martin Harris caught up with Shahade recently to discuss her inspiration for the podcast, which she describes as “a 13 x 13 episode journey through every possible no-limit hold’em hand, 169 hands in total, from aces to seven-deuce off-suit.”

“The fun part of it for me is that it’s like a game within a game,” Shahade explained to Harris. “We’re talking about a game — poker — and a specific hand within poker. But then I also am on a kind of scavenger hunt as the host, as I’m not doing any repeats as I try to hunt down all of these combinations. Which of course is easy now, but will become a little more difficult later on as some of the hands will be reserved.”

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