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For hundreds of players current in or on their way to the Bahamas, today is a big day. The start of the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, and a festival of events leading up to the PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) now only a week away.

But not everyone is currently Bahamas-bound. Which is why we’re bringing the PCA festival to you. The players not able to walk on the beach or bask in the Caribbean sunshine.

It comes in the shape of an online series which you can register to play today.

We’re calling them The Mini PCA.

You might already be able to guess what those have in store. But allow us to give you the details of each, as they’re each very different.

Let’s start with…


This is our online series running alongside our ten days of live coverage from the Bahamas. They’ll be three low buy-in tournaments per day starting at 12:30 ET, 14:30 ET, and 16:30 ET.

Buy-ins start at just $1.10.

We’re adding tens of thousands of dollars in added value, along with EPT Satellite tickets added to the prize pool of every tournament.

Even better than that, the Mini PCA Main Event on Sunday January 29 at 14:30 ET will award an EPT Monte Carlo package to the winner. That has a $55 buy-in.

And we know for a fact that a good way to make up for missing out on a trip to the Bahamas is to head to the Riviera for a tournament like the EPT.

The Mini PCA is open to .Com players and runs from January 25 through to February 3. Perfect for playing and following the live stream of action from the PCA festival.

Here’s a recap of all the details:

Mini PCA festival on .COM (January 25 – February 3)

• 30 tournaments over 10 days (3 per day: 12:30, 14:30 & 16:30 ET)
• Buy-ins starting at $1.10
• $55 Mini PCA Main Event: Sunday January 29 at 14:30 ET
• EPT satellite tickets added to all MTTs; EPT Monte-Carlo package added to Mini PCA Main Event

You might have already guessed the nature of the highlight of the Mini PCA festival.

So let’s tell you about the Mini PSPC.


As expected, this is an online version of the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship. For 1,000th of the price.

The Mini PSPC starts on January 30 at 14:30 ET

The tournament follows the same five-day format as the PSPC and employs a similar structure, and in keeping with the festival has thousands of dollars in added value.

The buy-in to the Mini PSPC is $25, and it gets under way on January 30 at 14:30 ET.

It may be mini, but it’s still a big one, taking place over five days, with registration open until the start of Day 2.

And we’re adding $10,000 to the prize pool, to give it that extra bonus. The only thing we can’t really offer is sand in your shoes and a January tan.

Here are those details again:

Mini PSPC on .COM

• $25 Mini PSPC: Monday January 30 at 14:30 ET
• Five-day event. Registration open until start of Day 2
• $10,000 added to prize pool

You can get registered for Mini PCA festival events from today on PokerStars.

Meanwhile, the action from the PCA itself will soon be underway, along with live streaming from the tournament room. Click to find out When to watch the PCA and PSPC live stream.

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