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There’s something about poker that attracts many of the best and brightest from the world of business. Sure, there’s the money involved, but it’s the pulse-racing action, intellectual battles, and the thrill of victory that keep industry titans coming back.

The game’s latest recruit is former Deliveroo CFO Adam Miller, who has enjoyed his very first European Poker Tour experience here in London.

“When I was still working, one thing I always liked about poker is that it was a different intellectual pursuit that would allow me to switch off from whatever I was doing,” says Miller, who stepped down from Deliveroo in September 2022. “But it was still very engaging.”

Satelliting to EPT London

Miller didn’t simply pay his way here, as you might expect of someone so successful. He played a £530 online satellite on PokerStars and won a full EPT London package worth £9,200, which included his Main Event buy-in, accommodation and money for expenses.

“It’s been really fun,” said Miller, who is originally from the United States but has lived in London for the past ten years. “It’s cool that we finally have a reasonably sized event here. For most of the UK-based events, it’s hard to get buy-ins above £2K-£3K, so it’s nice to be able to play higher.”

He’s had a fantastic first showing at the EPT, cashing in all three events he played.

“I can’t complain”

First up was the Main Event in which he enjoyed a decent run, ultimately finishing in 56th for £11,200. He got to spend some time up on the TV feature table, but not as much as he would have liked.

“It was fun, I just honestly wish I had more hands,” he says. “First hand I opened KQ-off and got folds. Second hand I doubled up Martin Jacobson with AK vs QQ. Then on the tenth hand, I ran AJ into AK and that was it. There wasn’t a lot of play, but it was fun.”

Miller then entered the £550 8-Game mix and reached the final table alongside PokerStars Team Pros Georgina “GJReggie” James and Parker “Tonkaaaa” Talbot, before falling in seventh for £2,370.

And finally, he entered the £10,300 High Roller. He’s on a break from the final table when we speak, guaranteed £49,350 with eight people remaining.

“I can’t complain with three events played,” he says. “I’m definitely not like most of the crushers in this £10K field. I feel fortunate enough to make it this far. This one was a very tough field.

“It would be pretty fun to win. I have some friends sweating. I care more about the trophy than the money, but I’m just trying to play well and see what happens.”

Miller usually only plays private cash games in the UK, along with the occasional online satellite. But after his success here in London, he plans on playing a lot more in the future.

“Yeah, I’m going to start travelling around a bit more to play more of these bigger buy-in events,” he says. “I haven’t decided between EPT Prague and another event in December, but I’ll play in the Bahamas and then play a full WSOP schedule next year.”

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