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Those who haven’t yet secured a ticket to the PokerStars Player’s Championship (PSPC) in February don’t need to lose hope. It could still happen. We’re here to tell you that there’s still a handful of Platinum Passes up for grabs, with seven to be awarded in a brand new online promotion.

Chests and Ladders has begun. Earn points, move up the board, and win prizes along the way. The top prizes will be Platinum Passes, of which there are seven to be awarded – four for .com players and three for SEU (.es and .fr).

Running from now until December 11, with a Chests & Ladders Platinum Pass Edition Freeroll on December 13, Chest and Ladders is a fun and easy way to win prizes ranging from tournament dollars and tickets, to a $30k Platinum Pass package.

Head to the “Challenges” and opt-in now to get started.

How to play Chests and Ladders

Chest and Ladders is an easy promotion to get involved with. The more you play real money games, the more points you’ll earn towards your progress bar. Fill your progress bar, and you’ll win a PokerStars Rewards Chest containing a dice roll.

You’ll progress around the Chests and Ladders board by moving the number shown on your dice.

If you land at the bottom of a ladder, you’ll move up the ladder. If you land on a chest, you’ll get to open it and claim your reward. The top prize is a Platinum Pass worth $30k.

Complete the puzzle by making it to the end of the board, and you’ll get to open a Super Chest with even more impressive prizes. Again, the top prize will be a Platinum Pass.

You can earn points towards your progress bar by playing any real money poker or online casino game, as well as by making sports bets on PokerStars.

All players who take part in the promotion will also gain entry to the freeroll on December 13 for another opportunity to, you guessed it, win one of those luxurious, expensive, and potential lifechanging Platinum Passes. Even if you opt-in on the last day, you’ll still get entry to the freeroll.

Be sure to opt-in via the Challenges window on PokerStars so that you can start playing Chests and Ladders. You have to be in it to win it. And you never know, you could be off to the Bahamas in January for the poker vacation of your life.

Move up the board and land on chests to win prizes

What does a Platinum Pass include?

Platinum Passes are the ultimate poker prize. Worth a total of $30,000, a Platinum Pass grants its holder an all expenses paid trip to the PCA Bahamas to play in the $5k PokerStars Player’s Championship (PSPC).

Here’s what one of those Platinum Pass gets you:

  • Buy-in to the $25,000 PSPC
  • Six nights hotel accommodation for winner and a guest in a 5-star hotel
  • Return airport transfer
  • $1,900 expense money
  • Platinum Pass Winner experiences during the event

It’s a very hot prize indeed. And with only a handful of Platinum Passes left to give out, you’ll want to take every opportunity to get one.

Head to “Challenges” in your PokerStars account to opt-in for Chests and Ladders.



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