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It’s only January, but the poker world is already preparing for what may be the best tournament series to happen in 2023.

This time next week, the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) kicks off at Baha Mar Resort, in the Bahamas, followed immediately by the PokerStars Players No Limit Hold’em Championship (PSPC).

It promises to be a jamboree like no other, stretching through 13 full days of competition.

There are 70 tournaments, including that $10K PCA Main Event and the $25K PSPC, and a whole host of off-the-felt activities to look forward to too.

That’s the focus of this post: the additional extras on offer to players and their guests while attending the PCA/PSPC. PokerStars likes to lavish the hospitality on its players, and here are the full details of what you can expect in the Bahamas this time around.


Although you have no doubt been telling all of your envious friends and family that the trip to the Bahamas is purely for business (ahem), we all know how important it is to let your hair down.

PokerStars is renowned the world over for the quality and generosity of its player parties, and the PCA/PSPC festival seems like the perfect opportunity to demonstrate this largesse once more.

No place like the Bahamas for a party

Whether you’re there for only the PCA or only the PSPC, or if you’re lucky enough to be there for both, you won’t want to miss any of the shindigs planned for the excursion. Here are the full details:

PCA welcome drinks – Hibiscus Lawn
Sunday, January 22nd – 8–10pm
Drinks and finger food. Steel Band entertainment.

PCA Players Party – SLS Privilege Pool
Saturday, January 28th  – 7-11pm
Open bar & grill. DJ/Entertainment.

PSPC welcome drinks – Palm lawn
Sunday, January 29th  – 8–10pm
Drinks & finger food. Junkanoo 10-15min show and local band.
Platinum Pass winners only

PSPC Farewell White Party – Jasmine lawn
Friday, January 3rd  – 7–11pm
Open bar with Rum Bar & Caribbean buffet. White Party theme with DJ/Entertainment. Bond Club VIP Reserved area from 11pm onwards at SLS

PCA/PSPC activities

The Baha Mar Resort, and the surrounding Bahamian capital Nassau, is perfect for whatever type of vacation you might been seeking. There are plenty of quiet, secluded areas where you can enjoy the tranquility. But it’s also a hive of activity, if you’re looking to keep yourself occupied elsewhere.

It is also, of course, in the heart of the Caribbean, with stunning ocean and scattered islands surrounding it. These are all ripe for exploration.


PokerStars has joined forces with some local guides to offer some exclusive activities to players and their guests at the PCA/PSPC. Full information can be found at the PokerStars Travel Desk in the Player Lounge, but here’s an overview.

Daily (except January 22nd and 29th)

Seabobbing is a perfect way to explore the ocean without the intrusive noise of a high-powered motor, nor any cumbersome diving equipment. A Seabob is like a tiny jetski, which you hold on and float behind. It keeps you moving through the water, so you don’t need to expend too much energy, but it is also very quiet, so it doesn’t disturb the wildlife. There are excursions at 11am every day (with the exception of January 22nd and 29th), with six slots on each trip.

January 26th and 31st (2pm-6pm)

Although many people will visit Baha Mar and not find reason to leave the resort, there’s plenty on offer outside too. Nassau is a fascinating city, steeped in centuries of history, and there’s plenty to see and learn during an afternoon’s guided walk. Have no fear: we haven’t forgotten about your refreshment. The walking tour will also take in some rum-tasting (this is the Caribbean after all), and you’ll also be able to join a mixology class, which will teach you how to make some lip-smacking cocktails even after your return. Lunch is included too.

January 27th and February 2nd (9am-1pm)

What better way to explore the beaches, dunes, woods and historical landmarks of Nassau than from the saddle of an all-terrain vehicle (ATV)? This four-hour tour takes you miles across the entire island, with guides on hand to recommend the best spots. This is the best chance to explore far and wide in Nassau and beyond, or perhaps to find the perfect spot, park up and enjoy the sun.

Explore Nassau on an ATV

January 28th and February 1st and 2nd (1pm-5pm)

You probably never thought you’d be interested in swimming with pigs, right? But now someone has mentioned it, you’re tempted. This is one of the most popular, unique offerings in the Bahamas: the chance to meet the colony of pigs that roams through the wildlife sanctuary on Rose Island. This afternoon excursion involves taking a boat trip over to the nearby island, enjoying lunch and the opportunity to do some snorkelling in the crisp blue sea. And then you can meet those popular porcine fellows on Rose Island, and hop in the water with them too.

Swimming with the pigs off Rose Island

January 29th (10am-2pm)

There are some stunning golf clubs in the Bahamas, and PokerStars players can explore any of them at their leisure. But on January 29th, the PCA and PSPC event staff are hosting a golf day, from 10am – 2pm, with 20 slots for players to hit the fairways. The package includes club rental and buggy hire, plus refreshments, and welcomes golfers of all experience. (Note: daily golf slots are also available throughout the duration of the festival, priced at $220 per person before midday or $185 per person after.)


Good poker players know that it’s also important to focus on rest and recuperation when the intensity of competition is not at its height, and the exclusive Player Lounge, located very close to the tournament room, is the right place to unwind.

The lounge will be open 12pm-11pm daily — i.e., during tournament hours — and, first things first, there will be ample comfortable seating for you to sink down and relax, with complimentary tea, coffee and water.

There’s also an outdoor beach bar, plus a chill-out area outside, for you to get some fresh air (and a smoking terrace, for the opposite). You’ll also see the Spin the Wheel game here, where you get a chance to win a number of prizes in exchange for filling in a feedback questionnaire.

The Player Lounge also hosts a number of activities to get involved with, including tournaments in ping pong, pool, Jenga, video games and foosball. There are four quiz nights (and one quiz afternoon), plus regular poker tutorials for any +1s of PSPC Platinum Pass winners, who perhaps want to learn poker for the first time, or brush up some rusty skills.

The Player Lounge is open to all players.

See below for full schedule.


Baha Mar is one of the biggest and most luxurious resorts in the Caribbean, with incredible choice for food and drink across the sprawling property.

But in addition to the resort’s regular restaurant offering, PokerStars’ guests can enjoy a number of other options closer to the tournament area, and designed specifically to meet the requirements of poker players.

There will be an exclusive dining area close to the tournament room

There’s a complimentary breakfast on offer to all PokerStars qualifiers and Platinum Pass holders in an exclusive tented dining area from 8am-12pm. From 6pm-10pm, the same area, adjacent to the tournament room, will host a buffet dinner for all players, for $40 per head.

There will be a bar and snack service available throughout the day from a cash bar in the Hibiscus Garden.

Tea, coffee and water is complimentary for all players throughout the venue.


All players can be assured of a first-rate experience at the PCA and PSPC, regardless of what happens at the tables. There are PokerStars staff across the venue, ready and willing to answer any question you may have, and to make sure you have the most memorable trip to the Bahamas.

Additionally, online qualifiers and Platinum Pass winners can expect a number of other goodies, with the hospitality starting the minute you set foot outside the airport. Here are some other benefits for players at the tournament series.

PokerStars PCA Qualifiers

  • Complimentary transfer on arrival (full package winners)
  • Free breakfast (for player and guest)
  • PCA hoodie & goodie bag
  • Dedicated liaison hosts throughout the event
  • Welcome drinks

Platinum Pass winners

  • Complimentary transfer on arrival & return
  • Free breakfast + guest
  • PSPC hoodie, backpack & goodies
  • Dedicated liaison hosts throughout the event
  • Welcome drinks with all Pass winners

Other (non PSPC) $25k+ tournament players

  • Complimentary transfer on arrival & return
  • Free F&B during play
  • 50% rake refund when pre reg/seated at the start of $25k events
  • Dedicated VIP host liaison
  • Ad hoc resort concierge assistance


Here’s the full list of activities planned for the Players Lounge:

Monday, January 23rd
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Ping pong tournament

Tuesday, January 24th
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Foosball tournament
9pm – Quiz night

Wednesday, January 25th
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Pool tournament

Thursday, January 26th
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Jenga tournament
9pm – Quiz night

Friday, January 27th
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Video game tournament
9pm – Karaoke night

Saturday, January 28th
3pm – Quiz afternoon

Monday, January 30th
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Ping pong tournament

Tuesday, January 31st
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Foosball tournament
9pm – Quiz night

Wednesday, February 1st
3pm – Poker tutorial
6pm – Pool tournament

Thursday, February 2nd
3pm – Poker Tournament
6pm – Jenga tournament
9pm – Quiz night
9pm – Platinum Pass Invitational

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