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The BSOP Winter Millions takes place in São Paulo between July 19-26. Even if you can’t be there in person you can take part in two special edition Fenomeno tournaments that are tied into the live broadcast of the tournament. What’s more, if you happen to be playing from Brazil, you’ll be able to win your way into the special edition Fenomeno tournaments via exclusive freerolls.

Mark Your Calendar: July 25-26

If that’s piqued your interest then let’s put some meat on the bone. Here’s exactly what you can expect and how to take part.

July 25:

Starting at 14:30 ET (15:30 BRT) on Day 4 of the Main Event, PokerStars will be running a BSOP Winter Millions Freeroll with $1,143 in Fenomeno tickets as added prizes. Those prizes will include a $109 Fenomeno ticket, $11 Mini Fenomeno tickets and $3.30 Micro Fenomeno tickets. This freeroll is only open to Brazilian players. Also note that it will be password protected. The only place to get the password will be to watch the live webcast.

Now if you should snag yourself one of those $3.30 tickets, you won’t have to wait long to use it. At 16:00 ET (17:00 BRT): PokerStars is running a special $3.30 Micro Fenomeno BSOP Edition, which will have a $7.5K guarantee. Now this is where players from the rest of the world come in. Anyone playing as part of the PokerStars Global player pool can battle the Brazilians.

July 26:

On the final day of the Main Event it’s time to do it again. This time we’re taking it up a notch and going bigger. Again the action in the freeroll starts at 14:30 ET (15:30 BRT) and this time they’ll be approx $1,750 in Fenomeno tickets as added prizes. Those prizes include a $109 Fenomeno ticket and $11 Mini Fenomeno tickets. As on the previous day, this freeroll is password protected and the webcast commentators will reveal it close to the start of the freeroll.

Win one of those $11 tickets and guess what? Yep you can use it in a special edition $11 Mini Fenomeno BSOP Edition, which starts at 16:00 ET (17:00 BRT) and here’s the kicker, there’s $25,000 guaranteed. That’s a significant boost on the usual $15K guarantee.

BSOP Millions, Nov. 24-Dec. 5, 2021

The BSOP Winter Millions will take place in the grandiose Golden Hall of the WTC Sheraton

BSOP Winter Millions

The BSOP Winter Millions takes place July 19-26 in São Paulo. There’s a total of 38 tournaments and R$12M guaranteed across the series (US$2,450,000). The Main Event, is, well the Main Event and carries a R$4M guarantee.

Dates: July 19 -26

Key Events:

Mystery KO: July 19-22 – R$1,100

Super High Roller: July 19-20 – R$30,000

Main Event: July 20-26R$4,000

High Roller: July 24-26 – R$10,000

More info:

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